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Sell your Minnesota home as-is fast due to rising medical bills

Sell your Minnesota home as-is fast due to rising medical bills

These days who doesn’t know someone who isn’t aging in today’s America. We have a growing aging demographic and so that means more headlines about medicine, doctors visits, health issues, medical bills, and concerns and challenges with our loved ones.

It’s becoming a common topic of conversation I hear from other Minnesota real estate investors in town who buy houses. They are buying from siblings who have recently inherited houses, to dealing with a parents or grandparents estate from out of state.

Often wills or probate are involved in the selling of the house. As many get older and start to prepare for a group home, assisted living, or nursing home they get ready for the rising costs of nursing homes which are now over $100,000 per year and ready to climb with inflation.

The costs of a medical staff on-site, out of pocket co-pays and rising prescription costs along with the hospital visits not always fully covered by health insurance.

This growing problem have left many older Americans stuck with past due medical bills that they simply can’t afford and their medical bills may be entering collections.

We all know insurance, social security, Medicare and all that is often not covering the bills and if the collections become bill collector calls at home and at work all hours of the day it can be frustrating.

The medical bills can turn into wage-garnishment and affect someone’s lifestyle and way of life.

When it gets to the point where it puts your life expectancy or health at risk it’s time to sell before you get too motivated.

Once you feel forced to sell or liquidate, especially if the house hasn’t been fixed in 30 to 60 years it will require a large discount to find the right investor that would buy it.

The discount would be even higher when the housing market has a downturn or if the U.S. Economy enters a recession.

When dealing with health issues, stress and anxiety are not emotions you want to deal with daily and the house with equity can cause even more headaches.

Access to equity and cash sell your Minnesota home as-is fast

You need access to that equity and a cash out refi or other options may leave you with monthly payments that you can’t afford monthly on a fixed income.

You may need to relocate to a one-level living situation, a group home or something smaller and more simple.

I know local Minnesota investors who are interested In buying Minnesota homes in any condition at the right price, even if they need a lot of work.

When you are motivated to negotiate and move within 30 days let me know and text me.

Don’t let large unpaid medical bills keep you up at night and stress you out. Take action to talk to someone to sell your house.

The conversation can be started online and if it makes sense someday in the future to look at the home in person we could plan on that.

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