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Your vacant Minnesota home is costing you thousands. Sell as-is fast

Your vacant Minnesota home is costing you thousands. Sell as-is fast

Has your Minnesota home recently become vacant, or has been vacant for a long-time?

This can happen for a number of reasons such as relocating out of state and the need to sell your home. Your renters may have moved out.

You may find that you are having a challenging time finding the right renters or big enough upfront money to sell on a rent to own or a contract for deed.

There are many reasons that you could have got stuck in this situation with a vacant home. You may have had no luck selling the home on the market.

You may have yourself or had a parent or grandparent move into an assisted living or nursing home and now you find yourself with a vacant home.

Vacant homes can cost you thousands of dollars from deferred maintenance, to break-ins, to the extra payment you make each month to your home lender. It’s wasted money down the drain so it can be painful. A Minnesota house sitting vacant really isn’t helping you in any way, it’s a sinkhole.

You can try to find time to market it for rent, or take in a lot of rental apps, background checks and go through all of the laws on landlording as one option.

If you’ve recently inherited the house, or feel stuck with the home after a couple of months or more and are just tired of the headache that it causes than message me to let me know that you want to sell it.

You can get one offer for selling for cash or new financing which will cash you out, or selling on very favorable terms for an investor.

We are most interested in talking to you if you have motivation and simply can’t justify or afford making payments on a vacant Minnesota home anymore.

If you feel that you are running out of options, it’s probably the right time to reach out to us.

Minnesota Investor network has experience

Our Investor network with 5 to 30 years experience will be very busy when the recession hits and have a lot of Minnesota properties to see, so a lot of data and negotiation will be collected by messaging us and by phone

before anyone will look at the property. Even if the home doesn’t look good or needs $100k in work from being dated or deferred maintenance we want to talk to you.

We can talk to you in all kinds of motivating situations that you are going through and may even help give you direction on how to find your next place to live even with terrible credit, bankruptcy, foreclosure, short sale, etc.

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