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MN Real Estate Investors Retention and relationships over acquisition and attrition

MN Real Estate Investors

These tips will make you focus on Retention and relationships over acquisition and attrition

When I think of focusing on content, value, direct response copywriting, videos, building a tribe, or the 1000 true fans idea from kevin Kelly it makes me think of focusing on retention Long-term and relationships for future brand advocates.

When you focus this way you really are interested in providing valuable content long-term for a fan base that shares a common way of thinking.

Relationships can come from blog posts, videos, podcasts, direct messages, in person seminars, meetings, and so many other ways. It’s even better if they are a crowdsourced community.

When you focus on a larger lifetime value of a customer you can afford much more time to invest into relationships, training, education, building pipelines, systems, and processes together.

Now on the flip side when I focus on attrition and a lost follower or an unsubscribe I realize it’s just not someone that’s going to be there long term and they aren’t part of the same thinking, which is totally fine.

Don’t get wrapped up in the unfollowers, always focus on new customer acquisition and on-boarding, but make sure the members and collective community experience is very good for everyone so that everyone is getting value.

MN Real Estate Investors

Online funnel

When you work on a online marketing funnel where you write content, and you follow up through social media with followers and subscribers you will think Long-term and realize everyone is at a different stage in life and in the cycle.

You can create great content that will continue to be repurposed for many uses over many mediums.

You’ll see me focus on giving great content through videos and through podcasts.

I believe that you can build brand advocates even through real life, not just online. When brand advocates are sharing with word of mouth that really drives down the cost of your sales.

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