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Direct message me on Instagram for real estate investing

Direct message me on Instagram for real estate investing

After checking my Instagram direct message box just 25 minutes ago, I noticed in the top right corner that I had 2 incoming requests.

I was happy to see both messages were friendly and well thought out and not spammy like so many. I noticed one liked my periscope from earlier that happened to be a little bit longer, over 6 minutes long.

I took some time to answer both people back and ask some questions about if they’ve followed me for awhile or watched some other previous content.

I think the longer video helped, and I think periscope has real watchers. Also I’m being more clear on the call to action now so I think that helps. Also being consistent is important.

On my periscope later on last night I was encouraged to see someone who invited all of their friends to join the conversation on periscope. Sometimes I forget how great that feature is on periscope.

The way I design processes and systems I’m happy with real conversations on dm for now vs asking for a big check because I want to provide value upfront and keep learning on how to improve that process.

I think I have always received mostly spammy or pitches in my dm that I wasn’t doing a lot of call to actions on my videos, but I enjoy talking to all of you and learning how we can work together that I’m going to keep reminding everyone to dm me so we can talk.

MN real estate investors Check out my content to help you

Also I’m going to put more emphasis on longer videos so that I can provide more value and context for all of you and kind of document my processes along the way.

Thank you all so much for reading and watching my content. Direct message me on Instagram or messenger sometime.


Ron Orr

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