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Minnesota Real Estate Investors Create More Cash Flow

Video Transcript:

Minnesota Real Estate Investors Create More Cash Flow

As a passive business owner or investor your goal is to create more cashflow.

Even as an employee living paycheck to paycheck, or a struggling small business owner, your focus is to create more cashflow.

All 4 types are part of the cashflow quadrant, and your goal is to evolve your way through the quadrants.

The mindset of an employee is not the same as a startup entrepreneur, and to evolve to a passive business owner you must have a long-term strategy where a team and technology is providing you time leverage.

You will be given the opportunity later on to be an investor with passive income streams, but first you have to understand the language of numbers and predictive analytics, to create the daily habits that give you predictable cashflow.

Having freedom and being rich are not the same thing. You can get to lifestyle design with positive cashflow faster than acquiring $1 million.

Reduce unnecessary expenses, and invest in growing your cashflow through your own business.

Cash on cash return is how long it takes to get your money back, it’s an important formula in investing.

I like to help specific businesses with systems that may include help with lead generation, so that they can have a holistic view of the entire sales funnel and pipeline from marketing to closing the sale.

In this full process from A to Z it’s important to understand all of the predictive analytics and numbers well, as well as look for data patterns

You’ll want to track Facebook page likes, video views, reach, clicks , sound on or off on the videos. You’ll want to track the retention on the video of how long your future customers are watching

This video retention on Facebook is a very important pivot point to scale your business. This is what I focus on, on my business, to built trust, relationships, and educate online.

From the data you can make data-driven decisions and small pivots to stay on course as you scale and grow your company.

Minnesota Real Estate Investors Analyzing data

I’m always analyzing data because you aren’t always going to get phone calls, text messages, or comments on your facebook

Google analytics gives you some basic data, but retention time on a Facebook video is often a bigger investment of people’s time.

There is a concept of lead scoring, imagine if you had 1000 leads to call, which would you call first?

I prefer incoming leads, but those aligned and trained by me on video are ideal as they will be much warmer. Facebook is also a great funnel for retargeting and following up with people before you talk to them by phone. Once others contact you by phone they should be entered into a CRM

Once you put the leads into a CRM you will want to track follow up, timelines, and move all leads forward. Small steps and habits over time make a very big difference.

Retention I have found scales businesses, and this comes from relationship building, not just quantity of leads

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