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Minnesota Real Estate Investors Business Growth is in the numbers

Minnesota Real Estate Investors Business Growth Is about numbers

For those who study the emyth and cash flow quadrant by Robert Kiyosaki and you go on this journey, you will notice that you move from employee to self-employed, to business owner to investor.

I have noticed most won’t take the leap to self-employed, and to get from self-employed to business owner takes being very aligned with time, it’s beyond time management and time leverage because you can be busy, but not effective.

I’ve noticed that one thing that is slowing people down from moving from the self-employed quadrant to the business quadrant is as the emyth states work on the business vs. in it.

Well I notice that bridge is talking in numbers.

When you think like a growth hacker, conversion optimization specialist, or A/B split tester you think in numbers and %, that’s how your brain is conditioned.  You think in terms of growth, and improving from day to day with the compound effect.

Self-employed people who work too many hours are stuck with the personal stories and tiny details in the business, and it’s very emotional.

The ones that are able to move over to the business quadrant speak more logically, and are able to just talk numbers.  This is how they measure and improve, compare, and see data patterns to analyze.

Numbers are measuring your business growth

When you study the data and numbers you are measuring against something, maybe the last hour, yesterday, or last week.  the numbers are part of a sales funnel.

Look at the big picture from initial marketing post to final sale, to earned money, to advertising again.  Numbers tell a story, they quantify, they are a language in and of themselves.

There are investors that talk in terms of Net operating income, or rents, expenses, cash flow, etc.

But there are internet guys who talk in terms of posts, views, clicks, phone calls, all KPI’s.  Without the numbers how can you quantify anything to anyone else that wants to be aligned and grow with you.

Internet guys use numbers to measure conversion rates, but some like acquisition, but most should be talking about retention.

Numbers Moves you to the Business and Investor quadrant

Many stay stuck in the employee and self-employed quadrant because they never become self-aware, take a step back and just look at the plane numbers.

To move to the business owner and investor quadrant from the others, to evolve, it’s true that you have to work ON the business vs. IN it, but this will become noticeable when you find yourself talking high level with numbers, vs. the day to day details that don’t matter that much.

Learn to see the big picture, the dashboard view of your business, study data analytics, study the broad spectrum.

This is how you move to the 2 other quadrants that utilize time leverage to give you more passive time which leads to more passive income.

People who love to talk numbers with others that talk numbers learn a lot about conversions and what does and doesn’t work and the quantifying of it all.  Numbers alone don’t tell the story these days.

You can’t just say I had 10 calls.  Were they 10 outgoing calls, 10 incoming calls, were they cold leads, warm leads?  I’ve reached millions and millions with posts on facebook, but that’s only one top funnel metric.

Study your numbers and what they mean to you and your business growth.

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