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Minnesota Real Estate Investors Compound Effect with Systems and Stats

Minnesota Real Estate Investors Systems and Stats

When it comes to building long-term systems it’s important to build the platform with a business that you are passionate about.

It’s important to want to improve every day and to do some tracking.  What I have learned with clients, facebook, phone calls, sales, closings and more is you want to make a game of tracking and stats.  These are like mini-goals that keep you motivated.

These are the stats that show you are growing or scaling your pipeline towards more money to keep the whole funnel working 360 degrees.  In real estate we would track incoming calls, how many phone appointments, or credit pulls we got.

We may track pre-approvals, paid invoices, activation, or applications for credit repair.  We also love to have a signed purchase agreement when possible.  We can’t just count closings, we have to make a game of all of the work that goes into all of the steps leading up to it, this is where the growth happens.

This is not just cause and effect, this is about systems thinking and knowing that systems are within systems.  For anyone that likes team or individual sports, keeping stats is for you.  But what’s great about today is we have more of those stats than ever before.

We have social media like twitter and facebook, or email opt-ins, or open emails, or facebook page likes, or facebook shares.

This is a great way in tracking that what you are doing is growing.  Build a system where you have daily or hourly habits for tracking online and offline.

Minnesota Real Estate Investors Stats and Tracking

I have found with a client that tracking on facebook has helped grow the community a lot.  From one post with 6 million+ reach, 400,000 reactions and nearly 80,000 shares there are just so many stats to track.

This shows that you are getting engagement, but it’s important to A/B split test, so that you know which stats are getting you the results that you want.

For example when I post a quote I may post only 1 line of type saying to go to the website and online meeting and because it’s so little text, it has less friction and it goes more viral, thus getting us more page likes, but on the other hand if I put a paragraph of type stating the exact type of person that we want to host or attend the meetings, due to all of the text, it has more friction, meaning fewer shares and it gets fewer page likes for the week.

So it all really depends on which stats that you want to focus on, but the good news is online will do a lot of the tracking these days, but it’s very important to track your online activities like incoming and outgoing calls, appointments, applications, purchases, referrals, etc.

Minnesota Real Estate Investors Tracking to Measure and Improve

The reason I have online and my clients do tracking is that what we can measure we can improve from last hour, yesterday or last week.

What gets measured is what gets improved his how the famous quote goes.  It’s very important that we create lifts and % improvements with each step in our system that is usually part of an online and offline funnel and follow that through to the closing until more money is made for business profits, or to reinvest more money into the business system and funnel.

Track everything for now, use google analytics, and work on your business vs. in your business every hour of every day if you want to grow and scale it.

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