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Minnesota Real Estate Investors Compound Effect: Build a Pipeline

Minnesota Real Estate Investors

Build a Long-Term Pipeline

When you watch the video above you will notice that the person taking the time to build the pipeline doesn’t make sense at first, but over a long period of time it will start to make sense.

The plan is eventually have a system that works even if your health fades, and also if you want something more predictive that has most of the leverage.

The world has very disruptive technology these days, so it can feel like you are building a system on a moving foundation, it can feel like a moving target.

Having been online since about 1995, I’ve gains a perspective on what the trends are, what has stuck around, and how to not just chase some new fad.

I have found that follow up, social media, and SEO have been around for a long time now, and I see it continuing to go that way.  Your goal is to build systems which are income producing.

Especially with a funnel and follow up with technology these days.  Another great funnel or framework I like these days is AARRR which is Acquisition Activation, Retention, Referrals and Revenue.

I am sharing with you this pipeline video above, and the AARRR, and soon ESBI in another blog post, these are frameworks and paradigms in which to see the world.

Minnesota Real Estate Investors Compound Effect with Systems

When systems work well they are dependable, they are utilizing technology that is consistent daily, and with a team that is consistent daily with daily habits.

It’s best if the team wants to grow, scale, and improve on a daily basis.  Everyone should be in alignment with this.

For example if you have such a great service that people want to use it for years and love it so much that they refer you to other people, you are getting referrals, and recurring income.

If you have this part figured out, the rest of it will come easier, and here is why:  You have referral, revenue, and retention figured out, so now it’s just a matter of figuring out acquisition, and activation, or also known as traffic, leads, subscribers.

Subscribers with email and facebook these days is easy, and when you build value and content to get traffic, conversion and subscribers, it’s much easier when you are coming from a place of value and something you are passionate about.

If you have the referral, revenue, and retention part figured out, you likely already are coming from a place of valuable content and mindset.

Most internet marketers that I see focus too much on the traffic and leads, and then tele-market them because they are coming from a place of NEEDING money because they don’t YET have referrals, or retention, or recurring income.

If they don’t figure out that part, they will forever feel like they are spinning their wheels.  Also I find with systems there is a difference from managing a system, growing a system, and scaling a system.  It’s a mindset of variables and constants and infinite A/B Split Tests.


Minnesota Real Estate Investors Compound Effect Predictive Analytics with Daily Habits

For me I find that the actual compound effect with business comes from the team within the systems that implement daily habits that they are passionate about and stick to.

This starts to build on constants and the remaining variables become more obvious that they need to be improved.  Also when you get someone doing something they love to do daily they learn at a compounding rate vs. people who passively do something as a hobby.

What I realize about businesses is that they need predictable income to stay in an abundance mindset, and make level-headed decisions.  They don’t emotionally go up and down in with ebbs and flows.

Knowing that businesses want predictive income, I make it a habit of mine to make sure we are tracking analytics, so that we can see the pipeline of analytics along the way to be able to measure where the improvements should be in the system along the way.

For example if income is down for 2 months straight, you can look back to see if there was enough traffic to the website, enough leads, or enough follow up many months before we ended up with that low result.

We have more control on the entire system than we may think we do.  You never want to be in reactive mode, you want to be in clear focused scale mode.  You want more time efficiency.  I will discuss more frameworks in future blog posts.

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