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How Minnesota Real Estate Investors Use Compound Effect with habits and systems of

Minnesota Real Estate Investors

Compound Effect and Habits

I read a sponsored post on facebook today about the best way to have the highest value content for others and it said just data and free information isn’t the main thing anymore with billions of search results out there.

What it discussed was having a framework. I realized that I had been studying that for nearly 15 years with the Emyth work on your business vs. in your business, or 4 hour work week, or EBSI by rich dad poor dad, also known as the cash flow quadrant.

You show people a framework and that’s the lens in which they see your content and concept and it’s easier for them to understand.

I find by creating positive daily habits for businesses they get great results by a framework I like to call the compound effect.

Popularized a lot by Einstein with compound interest, and also Darren Hardy, you may also feel you’ve heard it before from the audio book the slight edge.

I believe when you work on your business vs. in your business you develop great habits and you multiple your success vs just a few simple add on gains.

When you learn how to get consistent traffic, and consistent follow up, and consistent relationship building, and consistent selling you will get consistent cash flow.

These are great habits to work on perfecting.  Two of my favorite frameworks in the last 18 months that I’ve studied is David McClure pirate metrics which is AARRR (Acquisition, Activation, Retention, Referral and Revenue) and the 76x by Ryan Deiss and Perry Belcher for growth hacking, 3x the leads, 3x the conversions, 3x the profit margins and 3x the frequency.

I feel the 76x could be 100x and I feel like it’s more universal and I like that it’s math and easier to explain.

The AARRR is very good, but I feel there are online and offline versions and activation is up in the air for interpretation or activation is better explained for SASS.

Minnesota Real Estate Investors

Compound Effect and Systems

When working with a system that is consistent daily and you get to know the analytics and you can A/B split test and improve 1 variable at a time, you can improve the system little by little, but it makes a very big difference.

3x the leads may actually make you 3x more money.  Getting 3x more leads may actually be a small tweak like a better headline, more posts, better copywriting, a better call to action, better photos, there are so many variables to improve over time.

Emyth also discusses building companies upon great systems, so that way if needed we can change the people and still expect similar results from the system.

The framework as stated above is still part of the system, it’s part of the branding, it’s part of the marketing and positioning.

To me systems should be stable and predictable.  Not too complex, but not too simple either and involve building relationships.

Minnesota Real Estate Investors

Compound Effect and Predictive Analytics

The part I like about systems is the predictable analytics.  I like the idea that when you have it working well, just changing 1 variable at a time and beating the control with a better test, can multiply conversions and you can see your results later multiply and the more variables that you improve in the whole system, the more that the whole thing starts to compound.

The more value that you can add and the more that people understand what it is that you do, the more people you can work with on a higher level.

When you have dependable stats you have a starting point and each day you should be able to improve it from the day before and not have to start over like most people who have to sell 1 time products.

Start each day with a compounding amount thanks to all of the previous days efforts that have been slowly compounding over time.

I’ve started to write blogs again after I’ve narrowed down that it needs to be about the compound effect framework.

I continue my posts on facebook as a way of following up with business people and friends and this way if they just provide a few minutes a day it does add up over time.

Also by continuing to post about the compound effect my blog post goes up the rankings and it also gets more daily SEO traffic.

Thank you for taking the time to read my blog post, and I’ll see you on the next blog post.

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