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MN Real Estate Investing Compound Effect: Multiply Vs. Addition

Minnesota Real Estate Investors Compound Effect Multiplying



Most people are working inside the business so deeply that they try to just add, or save a little bit of money with their efforts and actions, no time leverage and at best they are adding money to the business.

But when they take a holistic approach, and work ON the business and SYSTEM and ask how do I create predictive analytics to habitually get 3x leads, or 3x conversions, or 3x profit margins or 3x frequency, they are now working ON the system and the business and multiplying money VS. Only adding. The multiplying compounds very quickly

It’s a fine-tuned system.  Our technology in today’s world is evolving exponentially and we will have to continue to adapt with all of the disruptions.

A lot of daily learning is going on, but it will be for the good and allow us all to be more efficient as a whole.

I want to see businesses built on systems and daily habits with lots of great tracking.  The more we can track the more that we can learn from towards predictive analytics and where to allocate our time to make our time more valuable every single day.

Minnesota Real Estate Investors

Compound Effect Addition

When you are too much in the system you may not see how your time is being allocated.

Many of today’s tools were meant for multiplying, ended up as linearly adding time savings at best and due to the evolution of technology may actually be subtracting from our efficiency every day.

Many people add leads, sales and income, but also add expenses and liability with it.  You can keep adding to your system, but with all of the technology disruptions you have to adapt to change and stay very agile.

You have to stay on top of the trends.  You have to compete on technology and attention these days.

Regular time leverage is not enough these days, you want to create long-term systems and pipelines that will last for years and decades and build long-term relationships.

These are exciting times in our world right now with all of the data-driven decisions and technology out there.

Minnesota Real Estate Investors

Working ON your business vs. IN your business

What most of this all comes down to is working on your business vs. In your business.  It’s focusing on the multiplying vs. The addition.

It’s focusing on the system, not just reacting to the task at hand.

I see a lot of people with inconsistent days.  In the beginning when you are building systems the habits and building part needs to be consistent as you A/B split test and learn from just 1 variable at a time.

Most people I see have many random variables every day and it’s hard to know how to learn from the result of these variables.

The Emyth tells us to work on the business from a top level view vs. in the business.  It’s the saying of not seeing the forest through the trees.

You often need to zoom out and see the full picture to know what all of the moving parts are.  This way you can make sure the entire machine is well-oiled and moving smoothly.

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