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MN Real Estate Investors Compound Effect: Money Multiplied

Minnesota Real Estate Investors

Compound Effect Money Multiplied

The great thing about the compound effect is when you do something with one formula, then you continue to repeat that process it multiplies quickly.

For example let’s discuss Amazon.  Let’s say that you find 1 product that is sold 11x per day with ONLY a $3 profit margin.  That’s approximately $1000 per month.  Of course nobody is going to quick their job based on $1000 per month, but that’s just ONE product, do you know how many products Amazon sells per year?  I was given stats this past weekend that 2 million Amazon sellers, and $108,000 billion sold are the current numbers and stats.

It’s expected to reach $180 billion and I was told that Amazon passed Facebook as the 6th largest company in the USA, and within a few years it is expected to be #1.

Amazon has a system with the photos, the conversion, optimization, pricing, efficiency and you just plugin to the system.

Minnesota Real Estate Investors

Compound Effect Income Stream

When you find these new discount products at wholesale prices on or somewhere cheap and source them and you can consistently count on the money, then you are creating a predictive income stream and you just keep building from there.

Keep up the formula, reinvest the money and keep growing, as it compounds.  The world is very data-driven these days.  Let the data tell you where the demand is on Amazon or other websites.

We are also talking about high % cash on cash returns here which can be exciting and you want to keep improving the system, conversions, profit margins, efficiency.

You can look at Amazon as the repeat buyer, the leads, the conversion, the fulfillment.  When you are able to take a lot of these numbers and make them constants and remove a lot of the variables you can split test even faster.

A/B split testing products is a big part of what makes you compound everything from the demand.

Minnesota Real Estate Investors

Compound Effect Predictable Income

Due to the law of averages and such big numbers with Amazon, if you look at the traffic they do daily, and you think of how well it converts, 1 click shopping, credit cards on file, trust, great guarantees, they have so much of the conversions figured out, that you are dealing with some very big numbers and demand.

When you fill in the gaps with cheap sourced products and have a large quantity and let Amazon ship it, you are creating a predictable income to a degree.

You just keep listing more products and keep multiplying one after another.   If you have one product that sells ONLY 10 per day at $10 profit margin, that’s $3000 per month.

Find a couple products and you may be quitting your job to work full-time with Amazon, but it may only take up to 30 minutes of your day, so it’s not really full-time.

It’s about compounding time and efficiency in today’s world.  Amazon has the buyers, you just have to tap in and plugin to their systems.

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