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MN Real Estate Investors Compound Effect: Improving Daily Systems

Minnesota Real Estate Investors

Compound Effect and Systems

In today’s world to compete we need very efficient systems.  With so many online listings on all the popular websites, and so much competition on attention, pricing, and our systems, we must always be improving our systems or we are moving backwards.

This is “kaizan” which means for the better or improvement.  Our technology is growing exponentially right now, and most people are trying to keep up.  The goal is to get everyone aligned efficiently into the system and move at a very fast speed.

When I look at real estate we have to look at the entire system from credit repair, to buying a home, looking at houses, paperwork, the title company, mortgage person and all of the follow up that’s needed.

We have to have many people following up, tracking and on the same page with the same system with a CRM (Customer Relationship Management).

If you want to invest in real estate, rehab or flip homes, or be a landlord and do rental homes, either way we would want to get you trained on some basic systems to ensure your success.

If you are interested in systems in real estate buying or selling, please contact 763-634-1766 Garrett with Bridge Realty and ask about systems.

Most systems that are good rely on daily habits, daily tracking, predictive analytics, high probabilities of success, more constants, less variables, less risk or mistakes, and lots of high level overview.

The goal is to be efficient with time, so as to make more profits.  You want to work on your business vs. in your business.

Minnesota Real Estate Investors

Compound Effect Practicing Efficiently

One thing I see often in today’s world, especially with online systems, is you can’t just do something that’s 10x more efficient then it was 5 years ago, there may still be someone doing something even 10x more efficient than that.

Maybe you are emailing people 1 x 1 vs. meeting in person or by phone.  But someone else may be writing better headlines, better copy, better calls to action and analyzing the data to take only inbound calls or prioritizing which people to call and which ones to not call yet, or ever.

This is even more efficiency on time. Maybe someone else is using autoresponders to follow up with people.  Today’s systems require great efficiency to keep the cash flow working and working within a follow up funnel.

One thing I do is focus on retention, referrals and follow up, so that when we do get a lot of leads, we keep them in the system, and don’t have the false impression we can make up in volume of leads what we lack in retention, it’s like being on too fast of a treadmill.

Minnesota Real Estate Investors

Compound Effect and Time

When you think of the compound effect, you likely think of compound interest, and your capital making you interest and money to re-invest.

What I am speaking of is the compound on assets or business that create money for you, so that you can create more money to invest.  I find that it’s a game of creating dependable daily habits that ensure accuracy and improvement over the previous day.

If you are improving even 1/10th of 1% per day it doesn’t ‘add up’ it multiplies.  which means it speeds up and compounds.

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