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How MN RE investor’s Daily Habits Create Compound Effect Results

How MN RE investor’s Daily Habits Create Compound Effect Results

There is a part of us that wants to think weeks, months and years into the future and have so much vision.  It’s great to think big, but we have to also come back to the present reality and A/B split test our ideas and theories to see that they work in the real world.

You can believe you have the greatest idea, product or service, but if you can’t get people to watch a video, or read a blog, post, or get stuck on only time leverage then it will be hard to get the company to grow.  This is why it’s important to constantly test what it is that you do.  Get a tribe, a group of connected fans that are eager to see your next quote, blog article, or next big idea to help them break through in business.

When you don’t focus on so much heavy thinking or heavy lifting and just the fulcrum and tools that make the technology and tools work the way they do you will get so far ahead by thinking that way.  It’s not only true that you should focus on the 24 hours ahead of you, but also keep in mind that what you do today in those 24 hours is likely part of your daily habits you should do tomorrow, and the next day and the next day, etc.

What’s interesting is if you do something one day as a cause and you think you see an effect in the same day, as the days go by each day doesn’t show the same effect, in fact if the cause and habits are good enough your effects will be more rewarding over time, so stick to good daily habits, track the data and stats and enjoy how far you have come over the weeks, months and years.

Minnesota Real Estate Investors and Daily Habits, Focus on the 24 Hours

So focus on the 24 hours ahead of you not just to practice staying in the present moment, but it teaches you patience and how to perfect the perfect day of good habits.

Learn how to have fun doing the daily habits that get you ahead in life.  In a world with infinite choices on what to do, it can often be challenging to focus on just a few things.

It takes practice to focus every day and to align your thoughts on the big vision.  It’s not just about instant gratification, but it’s about the big picture, but what do you have to do in the present moment to get there.

I focus a lot on stats and data in my google analytics and on facebook.  Then based on data patterns I make what’s called data-decisions and decide whether to pivot, adjust, or take actionable steps in a slightly different way.  This is part of the data-driven feedback loop.

For example I see a lot of my postings on facebook, google +, this blog and pinterest rank very well in the search engines, so I find a way to make that work in hootsuite, and continue to do it as a daily habit.

This is a way to get ranking and SEO with the idea of later having it turn into long-tail SEO traffic.  Having compounding and climbing SEO traffic to the blog is a great thing to have over time.

We earn that traffic and it can be a great thing.  I also can comment on facebook to build a tribe of people who love to share quotes and blog posts of mine for others.

Minnesota Real Estate Investors Have a Vision of your Future

You do have to have a vision of what you want your day in the future to look like.  That 24 hour who would you spend time with, how much money and time would you have, and how enjoyable would it be.

My thought on this is if you set up your business in such a way where you give away enough training and great content that it comes back then technically your life compounds and gets easier every single day.

I think that is the true goal not to have to grind or work hard forever, but instead get results, and get a tribe of people who love to share the work that you do, so that it makes your job much easier.  With the right positive daily habits and consistency you can get what you are going after, and it can be an easier daily action of good habits that produce great results.

Believe in the dream, the actions and the outcome and you can for sure get there.  Read the data and continue to learn from it.  How many people share, how many people read your stuff, how many click like, comment and much more.


Ron Orr

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