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MN Real Estate Investing Practicing Daily Habits

MN Real Estate Investing Practicing Daily Habits

I believe it’s great when we can not only develop great habits, but when we can develop those habits daily.  It changes in the wiring of your brain and becomes more effortless.

It’s part of your long-term memory from my experience.  It becomes almost automatic on a daily basis.  I find the 5 pillars of life to be spirituality, mindset, health, relationships, & financial.  I have found this to be true for a very long time now.

I find that health is the toughest on the daily habits, I don’t mean the walking miles a day or the gym a few times a week, daily is a bit tougher, but eating healthy every meal as a daily habit is the toughest of all of these and I believe it is mindset, your environment and who you surround yourself with.

I have found that mindset was easier in my 20’s, but into my 30’s it required more deeper meaning and spirituality.

The mindset followed and then relationships and financial quickly followed with success with that.  Having long-term friends and business relationships really works to one’s advantage.

The more you can get into this abundance mindset the less you’ll feel scarcity, or any emotions at a frequency that would make you extra hungry or attracted to the wrong foods.

This is why I think often healthy foods is a last piece of the puzzle.  I like to focus on strategy with business, learning and marketing as to me this is what makes me more passionate about life.

When I get into that frequency on a daily basis, much of the work-life balance is there.  Or work-life integration which I believe I read that Tony Robbins called it yesterday.

I love balance and loving what I do and knowing that my marketing, business ideas and more are compounding and getting refined daily.

I noticed when I went from any type of reactionary daily life to a predictable daily habit of life it became more fun and peaceful.  I really enjoyed it more and feel much more in control.  I learned this from marketing, business, learning and these daily habits.

Practicing Perfectly = Perfection

Lots of people like to say practice makes perfect, but this statement isn’t really true, it’s more like practicing perfectly makes perfect.  You want to optimize your daily habits and just keep getting better every single day.  Google use to use the phrase “innovate or die” and I think we’ll agree that people like Steve Jobs and Apple kept innovating.

I just believe that in today’s world we are really are trying to create great products and services that reduce friction for consumers.  Such as apps vs. website.

Apple Wallet vs. Credit card.  Everyone is trying to save people time and make their lives more automated and easier.  Fast food menus have numbers on them to make ordering more streamlined and faster for everyone.

This is there way of reducing friction and speeding up the service for everyone involved.  By reducing friction on every single level, we are using conversion optimization to our advantage.

With all these tiny % increases or lifts we are creating a compounding effect.  It’s a multiplying formula not just an addition formula.  We are not talking about 100% piece of the pie, we are talking about 10,000’s of % and opportunity cost of those you aren’t reaching or not knowing what you don’t know.

I shared an article the other day that explained how humans can’t grasp exponential technology very well.  From the phone’s processing with is millions and millions faster then computers years ago, or how continuing to fold a piece of paper over and over up to 52 times would reach the sun.

To reach the compound effect we must create daily and hourly habits that optimize and improve over time.  Just like an athlete that wants to improve their game a little bit every single day.

Minnesota Real Estate Investors Compound Effect from Daily Small Compounded Wins

As explained earlier, the compound effect isn’t always big wins, often it’s just removing friction at lots of data points along the way, so that others can share your content, or find you on google, or help google better find your content, or rank easier with long-tail SEO over and over, or using a high authority domain like youtube, facebook, or using an aged domain.

As I type this the more I realize how many competitive advantages I am using at one time right now.  Each little think is a % competitive advantage and from ranking higher to ranking more often, to ranking with less work, to more traffic to your blog, to more traffic equals more shares, to even more traffic from those shares, to more leads, to more sales, to more money to put right back into advertising.

You really want to build a tribe or advocates that love your content that will share it with their friends.  This is important to pivot based on what people love to share and read.  This is the retention and traction part of your product.

This is also where you do conversion optimization to reduce friction to allow your website, blog posts, quotes, images and more go more viral by making it easier for those on your website or blog.

If you make an improvement with your CMS, Content Management System such as WordPress, when you make a smart change, it could help all 1000 blog posts at once.

This is also a compound effect.  If you show consistent content often, and it’s consistently on topic, and it’s consistently good, this also can create a compound effect.



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