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MN real estate investors Compound Your Business and Love Doing It

MN real estate investors Compound Your Business with the Right Strategy

One thing that’s great about the internet in today’s world is that we have really learned to optimize technology and tools to reduce friction.  Not only do we have billions of people using the internet it’s easier then ever for everyone to use it.  Sometimes it’s so frictionless and easy that their is a feeling to want to post 10-20 times a day, so then when everyone does it collectively it adds up to some pretty full email inboxes, and full facebook feeds, and twitter streams that are a lot of noise.  We’ve created a world of kinda good content and now there possibly millions of people creating at least average or slightly better content.  More content is being uploaded to youtube per day then I believe can be watched.  We have to focus on the full relationship funnel and compound effect as our framework, strategy and methodology.

Another sub category of that is the now famous pirate metrics AARRR which stands for Acquisition Activation Retention Revenue and Referral.  Some reverse the order or Revenue and Referral.  I find that advocates can follow me for awhile, share my posts on social media well before I would start to make revenue, and even if I don’t make revenue from knowing them it still is a tremendous value for them to read my content, give me any feedback, and share my content.  The data that I receive from what I do is invaluable and helps me to continue to pivot and grow with what I do.  I believe it’s most important to monetize what you love to do.  Let your passion come out in what you do, and attract others with the same passion and let that be shared.  We are in a world of sharing on the internet and we really do have some unique advantages that we didn’t have years ago.  I’m so happy to have access to all of this multimedia, social media and data, so that I know where to align my energy to help the most amount of people that I can.


Minnesota real estate investors Working Smart Vs. Hard

The goal for all of us is if we are going to build our content, audience and our business daily, we may as well do it with positive habits.  If you look at the largest growing facebook pages for example it’s those that use positive quotes.  People love quotes, they identify with them and share them all over facebook, twitter and more.  It’s great that you can share blog posts with a quote, so that some will share the blog posts and some will share the quote, and for those that have a moment they can read the quote, for others they’ll read the quote and blog if they have more time.  You have time to speak to both types of audiences.  What this also does is creates less friction or creates something that more want to share like the quote vs. just a blog post with a regular image.

This helps the post to go more viral, which increases the probability of more shares.  When you do this consistently daily you are creating a compounding habit that makes your website have a collection of blog posts that all can go more viral then the average blog post due to a great quote.  Many will say if you just write an amazing piece of content it may go viral or it will help.  What I am discussing is doing is that, but also adding an eye-catching headline to get it to get clicked on even more, plus add the quote to now get even more opportunities to reach more people.

As you have more facebook pages and more of them build up, it will reach more and more people.  If you reach a facebook page with lots of engaged fans then you can have an even easier chance of going viral.  When you let the compound effect work for you, you are essentially working smarter then harder.


Minnesota Real Estate Investors Social Media Sharing and Compound Viral Effect

This past week I just watched one of my quotes on a client’s facebook page with 25,000 fans reach 1/2 million.  Just under 8000 shares and I had another post well over 300,000 reach as well. I continue to have larger and larger reaches due to the compound effect and identifying with the right audiences with the right messages and quotes.  I am creating quotes that resonate with so many people that people know a lot of their friends will relate or find value in it so they share it with them.  Putting the quote inside somewhere at the blog post is not the same as making it the featured image, the one that will load in facebook, or show on twitter, the one that will not only get shared, but inspire others to share.

I find that doing blog posts creates linear growth, creating great content and great headlines creates a better then average linear growth, but until you use compounding elements and social media, it’s hard to reach that compound effect, that’s why it’s important to find quotes that resonate with the masses.  Get good with what people relate to and identify with, it’s a skillset you can use over and over.

My recap is that social sharing with the right quotes can really create a viral compound effect especially when it’s a relevant audience and they help share it and they are recently engaged on your facebook page.


Thanks for reading and sharing

Ron Orr

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