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MN real estate investors your Compound Effect Mindset

MN real estate investors the Compound Effect starts with your mindset

To Scale a company and create a compound effect your mind has to think 10x or more efficiently.  You have to rewire your brain and create a container to fit everything in.

Another way of saying it is to have a framework or a paradigm to get you to where you are intending to go.

For example I want to set up systems to allow for a positive compound effect.  I want the compound effect to be my framework, methodology, or philosophy that I do things within, within that context.

I would put Conversion Optimization below that as the sub framework and then put AARRR below that as a framework.  AARRR stands for Acquisition, Activation, Retention, Revenue, Referral, also known as pirate metrics.  Most people are in a reaction fear mode, constantly running out of time.

People are in an endless cycle.  People have a scarcity mindset vs. abundance mindset.  The idea is to slow down and have a strategy and not just react.

When people learn conversion optimization and track analytics and stats they will see how they become more efficient every single day.

MN real estate investors Compound Effect and 80/20 your time

Our goal is to work inward and practice tracking and measuring all of the activities that we do and becoming more efficient with all that we do and make it a daily habit.

When we do this the small % increases compound every day and it makes a huge difference over time.

This is why it’s so important to measure everything and to have a compound effect mindset and framework for all that you do.

To understand the concept more you can look up the double penny story, or compound interest formulas, or the time value of money.

When you don’t have to start over every day like some people, you can compound your successes from day to day.  Blogging, and rankings SEO is a big part of this as it fits within the AARRR framework.

I have found a lot of success getting my articles to rank on facebook and this domain, and that’s because of long-tail keywords and domain authority, so it compounds on itself.

The people I work with should have a mindset that allows them to work with volume and grow and scale their company.

They should have a marketing budget, and they should see marketing as an investment and never an expense.

MN real estate investors

Compound Effect Tracking and Measuring

I have found that many people work in their business being busy and not measuring or tracking what they do.

The goal is to see the big picture, work on the system work on the business vs. in the business and 80/20 your time, and track and measure all that you do with all of the great data that exists these days.  This is also a Emyth philosophy.

I highly recommend listening to that audiobook as I did when I was about 25 and it has taught me so much about the mindset of an entrepreneur.

I track and measure things every day with A/B split tests so that I know what a good use of my time is going forward.  It’s part of my Conversion Optimization strategy.

As you continue to read the blog posts you will start to shape your mind into the compound mindset, and realize how quickly things grow once they really start growing, it’s exponential at some point.



Ron Orr

Compound Effect

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