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MN real estate investors Use the Compound Effect in your Marketing

MN real estate investors Use the Compound Effect in your Marketing

When I work with clients who have a product or service It’s very important to help them with the product-market fit.  The reason for this is we have to make the product or service a must have vs. a good to have.  This will help with the alignment of the new people coming into the funnel.

It’s very important for them to to increase profit margins and retention to gain traction with those they work with because when I can help them with their underlying success, it helps me achieve the same thing with them.

What I mean is I retain them longer, bring them more value, make them more efficient on profit margins and traction thus gaining more retention long-term.

My success is a byproduct of their success.  I go in with the mindset of a long-term plan, and I write this blog with the idea of attracting those with a long-term plan for traction and growth.  People should have a great product or service, and they should be passionate about what they are selling and they should have a pretty decent size market that has a demand for the product or service because it fixes a problem, meaning that they are the solution.

When I follow this mindset, you can tell all of the above aligns with the compound effect mindset as it starts to gain traction.

Compound Effect 24/7 Conversions

Once you get the mindset right, then you have to work on the website, social media, and your marketing funnel.

You want to do A/B split tests within a Conversion Optimization strategy.  The reason for this is that you will have some winning split tests that will have 2% or 10%, or even 100%+ type of conversions are possible if you do many of them.  Overall though you want to keep all of those collective conversions compounding on top of each other because 3% x 3% x 3% in conversions, especially daily and at the top of the funnel grows quickly.

This is why SEO is important and long-tail keyword title tags are important.  This widens your funnel, and then it gets you more awareness, more rankings, and SEO compounds on itself over time, as you create great content that’s in alignment with one another.

Each page can interlink to itself through your CMS wordpress and it creates more google, bing, and yahoo search engine rankings which means more traffic, which means more people to join your twitter, facebook and other social channels to follow you even up to daily.  From there you can keep them in the funnel by driving them back to your website.

This is familiarity and has people getting to know you over time, and from there, as a marketer we can retarget them with or then you show up on their images across the web and in their facebook in-line feeds or on the right side where the ads are shown.

Who you show this to and how many depends on what you consider a lead or visit worth enough to do it.

For example would you show anyone that’s gone to your website, or only those that have opened an email, or watched a certain youtube video.

Keep them in the funnel because these people are interested in what you have to say, and this would help build traction.

I’ve watched some videos by Dan Kennedy and Ryan Deiss and I’ve noticed them doing this re-targeting on me, and it’s pretty smart of them to do it.

Russell Brunson with click funnels is another person that does this.  From what I’ve read I can tell they understand the compound effect.

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Compound Daily Habits

Once you have the right framework, mindset, system, and big conversion optimizations in place, then you can really start to focus on the daily habits.

This is likely going to center around the re-targeting, and long-tail keywords and SEO which will gets you that compounding growing targeted organic traffic that you need.

What you do daily will be optimized over time based on outsourcing, running A/B split tests within your conversion optimization framework to continually find out what is the most effective use of your time.

It’s an ongoing optimizing game that can be actually pretty fun and addicting.  It’s fun to see data, metrics and stats that are favorable, then make data-decisions based on that to growth hack your way to success and ROI.

As you do activities every day in marketing keep learning from them and ask if they go into the compound time type of thinking, or as Dan Sullivan calls it, the 10x thinking.  Grand Cardone will also talk to you about 10x on his many videos.



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