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How Minnesota Real Estate Investors use 80/20 Rule and How to 80/20 Your Time

How Minnesota Real Estate Investors use 80/20 Rule and How to 80/20 Your Time

This quote from wikipedia best describes what the 80/20 rule is:

The Pareto principle (also known as the 80–20 rule, the law of the vital few, and the principle of factor sparsity) states that, for many events, roughly 80% of the effects come from 20% of the causes.

In today’s technology climate where time is such a huge factor this concept is so important on where to invest your time.

With job security gone for so many, and with technology now such a big part of our lives and major paradigms happening it’s never been so important to not only know what 80/20 ideas to do today, but to understand the 80/20 way of thinking, so that you can speed up your thought process much like a computer and evolve and grow daily.

This is something you would use in life and with your time leverage of your business and life.  It’s just a way to be more efficient with your life, but also having the context of what’s important in your life.

Minnesota Real Estate Investors

How to 80/20 Your Time

I have now started using the tag like of How to 80/20 Your Time on my youtube videos, on my title tags for my blog, and and as you can see even my blog posts and sub heads h1, h2, and h3.

What to do with your time is constantly changing as life constantly is throwing us curveballs and technology is changing our lives and how we do things.

I often look for things that are recurring like income and recurring people on my social channels, it’s the only way I can really build long-term friendships and get others to follow along in the journey.  Followers on twitter, followers on facebook, people who read my blog and much more.  Having people updated daily is a great way to invest your time the 80/20 way in today’s world.

It’s a belief I hold, and I also think SEO and ranking of blog articles and youtube videos continue to be a very important factor to the big picture.

You can create all of the content, and syndicate all of the content, but without the right headlines and without the right rankings, none of it really matters.

That is why it’s a combination of the SEO headline for the ranking and awareness, and the the right copywriting headline for the conversion and click thru.  You have to want to rank for short tail and long-tail keywords, but keep the integrity of what you are really focused on, your niche and highest value.  In the end in your business you are providing a high value product or service.

Minnesota Real Estate Investors

80/20 In All of Your Life

You really should implement the 80/20 into all of your life.  It’s really important to ask yourself what is most important in life, what gives me the most value.  Where do I want to spend my time, where do I want to spend my money, with what people do you want to invest your time and money.  How can I best grow and build relationships in life.

These are important things to constantly consider and evolve with.  How to monetize your passion with using the 80/20 rule to make that happen.  80/20 is a though process with relationships, health, money, mindset, spirituality, law of attraction, alignment and much more.

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