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Periscope Goes Worldwide

Years ago I heard about 5 billion people had access to some kind of mobile network, not everyone had a cell, but maybe everyone knew someone that did.  That’s a large number and now that people are getting free-wifi, our interconnected world is about to get a lot smaller, or more of a community.  Once we add in live broadcast streaming we’ll feel even more connected to people.  It’s going to move our technology and feedback loop even faster.

Our technology is growing at an exponential rate and it’s thanks to how interconnected we are all connecting with the internet and free wi-fi all over the world.  Hopefully we can soon solve big issues like disease and world hunger.  Periscope can help aid in this with training and anything live.  It will bring us all together with world events from riots, wars, elections and much more.  It will help us crowdsource important issues.  The people at periscope really need to come up with a great sort and filter feature as right now it has a long ways to go.   Follow me @ronorr on twitter

The Bigger the More Exponential

The adoption rate will grow, but twitter has had growth issues, and monetization issues, they need something that will get more users, and periscope may just be it.  Whenever I mention periscope to people they don’t know what it is, and I explain it to them and show them how it works.  So many celebrities have 500 to 1000 live people on that you can tell people love it.  It’s going to get very competitive on who can get people on their live streaming broadcast.  The people I have seen using periscope are on it most of the day and it seems they go live 10 times a day.  They’ll find some of those people will leave as other broadcasters come on the scene, but I also think if you start early you’ll have enough followers that are there from the beginning.  The 1000 true fans, and if they tell their fans/friends that can help market you and build a tribe.

Share the Broadcast

For this periscope live stream broadcast concept to get big, it will take a lot of you to share it with your periscope people as well as new people on twitter.  You have to reach more of the market to get this to reach a viral loop and scale faster.  include your fans, followers, subscribers and others in your friends live broadcasts, so that everyone knows about this app and what it can do.  It’s got the potential to be very powerful once it becomes a part of people’s daily life and habit.  When it becomes almost unconscious.  It’s a way for us to travel the world instantly.  It’s a way to stay in touch with friends and make new friends.  Periscope has already gone world wide and it’s only going to get bigger.


Ron Orr

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