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Millions of live broadcasting channels

“When information is cheap, attention becomes expensive” – James Gleick

This quote sums up the future of life and technology.  As we all create more content, and each have access to reaching others through social media, the more choices we will have as to where to allocate our time.   Wow since I first started this post it’s unbelievable how much discovery periscope is about.  What I mean is when I first started this post a couple of weeks ago I’d get 4-8 people on a live periscope now I’m up to 30 to 50 on some live periscopes, but I am really realizing how many are stopping by to check it out.  I had a great one yesterday with 35 live and 4-5 that kept commenting.  People love periscopes about the topic of periscopes and I think it’s the novelty of it all right now they are trying to soak up whatever they can on the topic for tips.  The reason I named this blog post this is that we thought when we went from regular TV, to cable TV, to cable TV and satellite, to youtube, now with periscope it’s expanding that much more.  Just look on and see how many people are broadcasting.  People are becoming micro-celebrities everywhere.  It’s so diversified and so powerful at the same time, but it becomes very competitive that’s why you have to focus on 1000 true fans, or the seth godin tribes concept.

Soon millions of channels to choose from

It’s very possible we are getting into millions of channels now.  With cable, satellite, youtube and now meerkat and periscope, it going to get into the millions.  Facebook stats I saw 2 days ago showed 1.49 billion people on facebook and many post on there.  Many have youtube channels and soon many will who already have twitter accounts will be doing periscopes.  This is a lot of choice for people, and also begs the question what is the end goal, or the big picture.  Do you look to get 1000 true fans then try to monetize your expertise?  I think that’s the direction many are going in and also they want to learn to monetize their passion.  They want to do it on a daily basis.  You attract the type of people that you want into your tribe.  The reason it’s so important is eventually you want more of an exponential growth and not just a linear growth.  To get there I believe you need people who follow you that are part of your core 1000 true fans that invite followers on periscope and on twitter.  I just don’t see how there is any going back from all of this diversification.  I think the challenge with all of the archived content is it’s moving people away from the live 1 on 1 experience or all of us being together as a group.  It keeps us all busy separated.  I believe that periscope can help us go full circle and almost short cut, or better put bypass the internet and just have us connect again.  To me the point of the periscope isn’t just the hearts and looking cool it’s about the long-term relationships and the real-time comments and having people experience what you do on the other end of the world, or another state, another country.  To me that’s cool.

Where do you focus your time?

I think for starters as a broadcaster or someone who is following leaders or content creators I think the hashtag is a great middle ground.  For example what best defines who you want to attract?  What is your tribe, or your 1000 fans, what do they look like?  Which hashtags best define them?  For example I have found over the years that hashtags like #money or #business are too general.  Over time of learning I refine them.  #entrepreneur is a good one, it’s a mindset.  #tribes, or #1000truefans is another good one for me.  I really like #4hourworkweek  or #emyth.  These are the type of people I like to get to know long-term.  We are on the same path and the same road and have a lot to share with each other.  I also like #minnesota, #marketing, #realestate, and others, but it’s about resonating with an audience.  I will continue to be the focal point with the broadcast and attract those people onto my periscopes by putting the hashtag into the headline and having them find it on twitter, meaning they find the hashtags in the search results of twitter and they click on the video, and may even follow me on twitter or periscope because I posted that hashtag.  I believe the hashtags works best on twitter, not so much on facebook, but I know they work on instagram and tumblr also.  It’s about carving out the internet to find your audience, but your audience is trying to find you.  As they say that which you seek is seeking you.  The more I type this blog post the more I realize the growthhacking is about hashtags.  If you like any of these hashtags please follow me @ronorr on twitter or periscope. I look forward to sharing much of what I have learned over the years.  It’s so much more fun to talk to an audience 2 ways that is on the same page and follows and shares a lot of the same passions as you.



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