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Periscope for Monetizing a Business

Many people are trying to figure out how to monetize their business with periscope.  I’m using it as part of business models I was already use to from getting a live audience with one group for a recovery crowd, to those in Minnesota who have real estate questions.  I do the periscopes to develop long-term relationships by providing value and by keeping people interested in long-term.  If you can get them to go to a website, text or call a number, then periscope is doing it’s job in my opinion.  I’d love to have people go to and see some of my past periscopes.  The goal is to get more followers to have great content eventually for an audience of 100 people.  In just a few short weeks I went from an audience of often 5 to 25 plus with the same effort.  With just the right headline I have seen 56 and 57 work many times.  When you can scale attention and relationships I believe you have a concept that you can monetize.  I don’t think you are just monetizing your business, or just monetizing  periscope, I think you are monetizing relationships and attention, and it just sounds better to say that you are doing this due to scaling relationships.  Eventually you get to 50:1 or 100:1 ratios with people when it comes to building your tribe and 1000 true fans.  I have noticed so many people coming back on perisciope, this is what gives it traction.  I would love for more to comment, this would make it a more open conversation and even better.

Networking and connecting to monetize

I always think networking and connecting when it comes to build large audiences and connect people with large audiences.  This can be of great value to others in leveraging their time.  People are so use to cold approach networking and the time that it takes to explain what they do.  It does help them with their elevator pitch and help them with word of mouth.  I think you can supercharge this and do meetups, connections, or help connect others.  Seth Godin discusses a lot how this is a connection economy that we live in.  People need B2B connections, and periscope may be just the right platform to do that for people.  Build up your tribe and audience and help them network.  Many people are out networking and have a lot to bring to the table.  I have found it a safe bet to network with people over the years and they bring back their life’s experiences as an entrepreneur.  This is why when I periscope I often do the #entrepreneur hashtag to attract those people onto my periscopes.  Plus I just like the topic in general.  I did some on #leanstartup in the past.  I am more then happy to have a lot of the content out there on the website so that they can view it before following me and getting the push notifications.

Market for others with your periscope audience

You can build up a large enough audience then get sponsors to pay you to be mentioned on periscopes.  I remember bradtv was doing this in the beginning of July when I first started to watch him.  People need others to know about their product or service, and your fan base and audience has value.  I also just talk about what I do daily, weekly and my experience and give people a chance to see if I am a fit for what they need help with.  I like to think I have tried enough technologies over the years that I can offer many computer, technology, internet marketing and real estate shortcuts for them to save them a lot of time.  With so much information these days it’s nice when people can have time saving concepts that free up their schedule and allow them to do other things in life.  I like to attract the people that like to build businesses.


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