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#RT #Periscope Live Streaming Life 24/7

Live streaming 24/7

What’s great about periscope is you can get an audience 24/7 because people are up at all hours plus people all over the world at different time zones.  Periscope is powerful because of how many people that naturally show up due to push notifications.

Live Streaming is big on meerkat, periscope and now  Live Streaming could get big on facebook mentions we will have to see.  I do think with periscope that hi, hello, thank you for joining will need to be shored up and not go on for minutes as many people just want to go onto the content.

I do like that periscope is raw and we all learn so much from it.  We are so much in the early days of this periscope platform and many iterations are to follow.

Landscape mode, or easier and faster ways to comment.  The commenting does give a great way to feel connected to the speaker.

People love to watch and stream

With 40 years of content watched per day, clearly the product is great, and it’s a paradigm shift for the world.  We are connecting like never before.

I have seen this daily number go from 10 years to 40 years in a very short time, it feels like weeks, but probably 2 months.  People love the feeling of the audience and the real-time participation.

Many are claiming they are addicted to it.  I do think people love to learn from others and share content with others, but I do think in the long run people will want to know how to monetize it.

People will want to monetize what they like doing, and the type of content they like and will likely need to build a tribe for that.

Periscope great for the broadcaster and watcher

I think the concept is great for learning as the watcher, but also a great use of time leverage for the broadcaster.  The good news with periscope is so many people jump in to see what’s going on, but the bad news is so many people jump out.

This is the novelty of periscope and over time people will settle more in on who they follow and define who they are and what they are interested in.

It would take a lot of effort to get tons on a webinar, but with periscope it’s so much faster, but it’s also important to have the right headlines to attract the right people.

I believe what we see 1 year from now is still going to be so much different then what we see with periscope and live streaming in general.  Many iterations will evolve over time as we all collectively crowd source what needs to evolve.  It’s a huge feedback loop and periscope will iterate based on the feedback they get.

This is why I have been teaching this feedback loop idea for years, and it goes with the lean startup idea, and do the pivots on what people want and focus on that more then ever.

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