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Periscope has live audiences

One thing that is amazing about periscope is the fact that it’s not only live but attracts people who love live broadcasting.

The real-time feedback loop that gives people a chance to have a conversation.  People can now have crowd sourced conversations brainstorming sessions or mastermind sessions.

This is what is great about the hashtags and periscope.  You get to see the user growth and have a very transparent conversation with others.  This way others can listen in much like a webinar, but without all the pre-planning and others have a chance to chime in and say things.

Over a period of time you will recognize who keeps coming back to your periscopes and you’ll get to know these people.  My goal is to attract the right live audiences mostly from twitter and mostly with the right hashtags like #entrepreneur, #startup, #business and #growthhacking.

I think twitter and periscope make a good repair as it relates to this concept.  People love to jump on live broadcasting with periscope and it’s fun to see everyone experiencing the same thing.  Facebook isn’t as live as periscope.

I feel the audience gets it like 1-5 hours later on facebook, sometimes the next day.  Facebook has become latent in that way.  This is why twitters live audience and periscope make a great combination and the headline is very important now.

Periscope has remote watching

It’s very cool that people can remote watch you from anywhere in the world.  Imagine what the world will be like 10, 20, or 50 years from now with how far our technology has come

We are going to see some amazing things in our life time.  People love that they can experience what you are doing from other states, other languages, other cultures, and feel like they are part of the action.

It’s not virtual reality, but it’s starting to go down that path and it’s the early days before virtual reality.  I have remote friends from all over the world now that I get a chance to know more over the next weeks, months and years.  I get to experience what they experience in real-time.

That’s what is different about facebook.  When something happens 99% of everyone I know heard it without me around.  With periscope I can notify people and my friends can be right there as it’s happening with me.  That was a part that was weird about 9/11 in New York. Nobody was around, but I called to talk to others about it minutes after it happened.

It was breaking news, and it’s an experience to share with others.  Facebook is so delayed on this.  The Cecil lion killing happened over a day and the Gay marriage decision was pretty big news all over facebook.  It’s like we are experiencing it all the same day, but it’s still delayed with people’s busy lives.

Periscope has feedback and comments

I’ve been waiting for a technology product for a very long time that has a built in feedback loop that works a lot faster then facebook.

Twitter is faster, but I found the user interface to be tougher and with so few words it was hard for me to track the metrics.  Periscope is so real-time real life it’s just different then facebook and you can growth hack it better and leverage it for growth by learning how people thing, where as on facebook I feel like it’s just others uploading photos from weeks ago, then people liking weeks later.

That’s a pretty delayed non shared experience in my opinion.  That’s what is great about periscope is with the comments and the visual, not just photos, but video it does feel like people are literally connected to our experiences.

I love it and am addicted as are most. reports close to 80,000 to 100,000 of the hashtag #periscope showing up on twitter daily now.  Peaking up to 6000-6200 an hour. I saw a report I think on that said it peaked at 9000 plus one hour yesterday.

This concept is growing very quickly and we are going full circle and almost bypassing the internet with this app.  It’s exciting to see such a great product, but also a product that needs a lot of evolution and iteration still, but what a product that it will be someday very soon.


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