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Periscope Headlines

Take a moment and write amazing headlines for your periscope videos.  Please keep in mind how many times you will repurpose these headlines.

For example I write a periscope headline, I then have it automatically save to then I have my associate download those videos with headlines and upload to youtube with the same headlines, matching aligned keywords and descriptions.

I then embed those youtube videos with a matching or similar headline for my blog post.

This blog post helps get clicks, but also helps get rankings on the internet as well with SEO, also known as search engine optimization.

I have noticed from a flat start with a second periscope account that headlines make a huge difference in getting live viewers.

Periscope Scan the Scopes

When you are checking the Global list it’s likely people you don’t follow, so what’s more important then headlines and social proof with some numbers of live viewers.

For the global part I would say I look at the number of live viewers whereas for the main icon column on the left of those I do follow I look more for the person speaking and even more for the headline.

At some point you follow so many people that you can’t just decide based on a person that gives good value and watch it, you have to decide based on his or her headline.

How much time will it take, how relevant is it, and would I share this with others.

These are all important things to consider and most happen on a subconscious level.

This is why I say it’s so important to learn headline formulas and learn how to get great at it.  Numbered headlines work great, how to headlines work great from my stats and results.

Our Reticular Activating System (RAS) of our brain scans things very quickly and even more then before due to how much information is now out there and how much marketing that exists in the world.  Because of this headlines are more important then ever before.

Also keep in mind that with SEO your headline often dictates your URL and your H1, H2, H3, (subheadlines), and people’s perspective of what they are reading.

Your URL along with that headline will determine your long-tail ranking with SEO.  It’s very much an 80/20 part of it.

Periscope Headlines for Replays

My research has shown that a well written headline while using hashtags has got me great replay viewers and even more from twitter.

I feel twitter is a 5 to 60 minute delay vs. those with push notifications from periscope.  The hashtags show up in the search results, or people are scanning twitter for great headlines to click on.

Just something as simple as Here is the 1 thing I figured I had to tell you by tonight, will get replay viewers because it piques people’s curiousity.

3 mistakes not to make on periscope would be another, people don’t want to make a mistake.  7 tips that could save you months of time building your followers.

That headline would also work well, but you would have to quantify it and explain it, so that it’s truthful.  Those are just some examples of headlines that you could write.


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