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Save Your Periscope Videos on Your Smartphone

Many of you are finding out that when you create periscope videos they may automatically save to your smartphone, and you can choose to delete the broadcast.  It will automatically put it in the 24 hour replay on periscope for others to view.  Some choose to delete the broadcast, some choose to save it to their phone then later save it to youtube.  I just used a website today on my phone and it was so easy. is the website that I used on my phone.  It took my radio broadcast, added an image and description and allowed me to upload it as a video vs. an audio that youtube wouldn’t let me do because it’s only in an audio.  Here is my new radio spot that is airing all over the globe now on different radio stations.  

I’m excited and my guy did an amazing voiceover and I’m excited to keep getting it on more radio stations.  I appreciate anyone that shares this online with their social groups.  So far I am finding my phone’s memory filling up very quickly with all of the test periscopes that I am doing, so on my android phone I have to go to my files and then video and delete all of them.  I realize they only have quick 24 hour replays so if I don’t upload them soon to youtube they’ll never be seen again. 

Right now you can save videos to your phone, but to add others to the experience through periscope, like 50 or 100 people with comments makes it that much more exciting. 

If you do a search of the word periscope vs. #periscope it looks like word of mouth is really taking off now there are still more hashtags, but alot of people are now mentioning the word periscope.

Videos Take Up Space and Memory

These videos really take up a lot of space and phone memory, so you may really want to delete them often, or email them to yourself, or put them in the cloud.  If you upload them to youtube it is another way to get it off your phone, to allow you to delete it.

On my android Samsung s5 what I do is go to files, find the video files and delete the ones that have PS at the start with the numbers, those are the periscope ones.

Also if your memory on your phone fills up fast, I have noticed that your phone will start to slow down a lot.  If your battery is slow or little memory opening periscope may even be slow, I haven’t proven this for sure, but I believe the phone just isn’t optimized in this capacity.

I am not sure how the IOS system works as far as how much memory you get, but just keep other options open like the cloud or memory sticks for your phone these days.

I think just emailing or uploading to youtube real quick and deleting is a pretty fast way.  I know space on phones over the years should increase, but these videos really just keep getting longer and taking up more space, so let’s hope the future phones can fit far more video footage on them.

Meerkat saves to cloud, periscope only has 24 hour replays

The news I am hearing now is that meerkat has an option to save to the cloud.  Periscope I have not heard of this, but someone said their is catch me website that lets you save your periscope videos.

They would want your login info, so it’s up to you.  Also it’s cool how you really don’t need to save all of your videos as they’ll just be available for 24 hours as replays and then eventually delete.  Content is being created so quickly now that it’s probably a good idea to keep deleting them.

I’d be curious to see if they add a way to save all the previous videos in the past for a longer period of time because I think that would change the dynamic of the service by creating more users that are like those who use Netflix, VCR or DVD, where they watch whenever they want.

I think the fact it’s LIVE right now and will delete automatically within 24 hours makes the video, content, tips, and secrets seem more valuable.  It’s like they are hidden in a vault and put in the bottom of the ocean.

I’ve noticed over the last week that my replay viewers has started to pick up a lot. I went from 0 replay viewers on most videos to up to 7 or 8 replay viewers on some of the videos I’ve now done.

I think the replay viewers part will grow over time, and the live part may lose some of it’s novelty. I just ran a test where I did 2 really quick videos, and then I think the 3rd one in 5 minutes got lots of viewers and that’s because of the headline, but also because they started to see the action and hashtags on twitter and probably saw I was doing LIVE streaming and it was like 2 initial reminders, and finally they caught up since the first 2 were very short videos like 1-2 minutes.



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