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Periscope can be great for your business

The truth is periscope is perfect for business.  It’s a way to scale relationships remotely.  If you have to fly everywhere or drive across the state or have expensive lunches or dinners with tons of people just to build relationships, you’ll often keep working just to pay off the irrelevant lunches that you had.

Periscope helps you find your right audience.  As we move more into the long-tail of the world finding our tribes becomes more important and may even take more time.

People have more choices then before, so they may not just want a person from Minnesota that knows real estate, but they may want to know someone that knows how to fix homes in a specific city or area that is an agent that also knows real estate in Minnesota and has lived in the area for awhile.

It’s all about optimizing life and fine-tuning through a lot of experimenting.  Mark Shaw was on a periscope yesterday talking about always experimenting and trying more things to keep testing what works.

I was so happy to hear him say that as it reminds me of the feedback loop concept I have been teaching for a couple of years.

I typically don’t look for little side $25 things to sell, but more long-term relationships with people where I do work for people based on a long-term business relationship of also being friends.  This is what works best for me in the long run.

We are able to reach a deeper understanding of each other and our needs and how to reach our goals.  As long as their is a value for value exchange it makes sense.

I invest time in finding live viewers, long-term tribes, CMS (content management systems).  Most believe in the sales funnel, but I like to refer to it more as a relationship funnel.

I believe you have to think long-term and trust with people.  Trust is worth something with people and works for a long-term business strategy, philosophy and methodology.

I know that Stephen Covey had a book named something like the speed of trust.  I reverse engineer trust, and that comes from value of long-term relationships.  This is what has value in our life.

We can all get 10,000 of viewers, and 10,000 of likes, comments and shares, but it’s the 1000 true fans, or the ones that you get to know on a deeper level that count.

Scaling deeper relationships, especially across the world seems like it would be difficult, I think periscope is a scalable solution for scaling relationships.

Periscope is Raw Vs. Sales

I like Periscope because it’s raw and not full of people being too much like a sales person.  I like it because you get to know about the person, you get to know about their daily life, their friends who their relatives are.

People let you into their lives on periscope.  It’s so refreshing to see people let their guards down vs. trying to always sell sell sell.

I came from many years of selling, so I know what it was like.  Selling is repelling in a way.  People are attracted to vulnerability.

People want to connect, and periscope even though it’s 100:1 sometimes for a ratio, if people use it the right way they can connect with people.

I’d say give them the most attention the first time they come on, but then over time maybe they’ll just listen, or maybe it’s the reverse, only testing will let us know.  Also the map feature on IOS and soon android, or go to and click maps.

This gives you a chance to connect with people who are in your area.   That website shows you who is periscoping in the area.  People, I believe, don’t want the sales anymore, they want to be able to connect to people, that’s what social media is for, but then people started to pitch on it.

People are still trying to figure out the delicate balance between work and play or social media and work.  Just be a person to others, and share some of your great tips that are working, and add value and time shortcuts to their life.

There is so much to learn these days if you can save them time, that is of huge value to people to help optimize their life.  You can think short term sales or long term relationships that turn into sales.

Periscope isn’t like google hangout or webinars

I was also thinking this past week how periscope isn’t like a google hangout or a webinar, meaning it’s not totally a big sales thing.  This is what’s cool about periscope, it’s just in the moment, spontaneous with little warning, people go live.  People have FOMO, fear of missing out, and that’s why it works out.  See more about FOMO here.

Also periscope has a great chance of making connections and connecting others so that the tribe begins and grows.  Right now I use facebook chat to get 10-20 people together to feel part of a group.

It’s a lot of notifications, but people can feel how they are part of a group and it’s a way for others to get to know each other on their own time.  Webinars have a lot of planning involved and marketing to get people on and sometimes questions are held until the end or not asked.  People are on mute.

With google hangout not enough people understand how to download on the web, and use it, but with periscope it’s on a smart phone and so easy to use.

So many people downloaded the app it’s taken off.  It’s now a community of people connecting with remote access to others all over the world.  Hopefully it’s growing fast enough that it won’t shrink again.  With 70,000 to 98,000 hashtag posts for #periscope according to daily it seems to have taken off.


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