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Periscope as an App on your Android

Just quickly go to and download the app for your android from the google play store.  I know some can’t or don’t because they don’t have enough memory on their phone.

You can just delete some big videos on your smartphone to leave more room for the app.  I think the fact that it’s an app is what makes it so successful.  It’s because of the push notifications and the smartphone in your pocket.

Nothing in history has had the adoption rate of smartphones, so it makes sense to build a business on top of the #1 addicting thing that rules our lives these days which are smartphones.  Smartphones are an extension of us, and research has proven that people experience anxiety from being away too long from their smartphone, their conversations, friends, business contacts, notifications, likes, favorites, chats and more.

2 million daily users as of the middle of August with periscope, so it’s going to keep growing from word of mouth and referrals and I know the people who use it love it, I just want to see how many more download they get from the 10 million that they have now.  Of course that number is only go up.

The daily users is a great metric, but the CEO and co-founder said periscope as a company is focused on the time watched per day which is at 40 years per day collectively with all periscopers.  This seems like an impressive number when you figure youtube has like 1 billion monthly users as of a year or two ago and is in the 100’s of years I believe per day.  Periscope only boasts 2 million daily users vs. how big youtube is.

Android and IOS both work with periscope

IOS first came out around March 26th with periscope and then Android came out May 26th, and most updates come out much later for Android.  IOS seems to get the first updates always.  Both userbases are huge, I wish it didn’t take so long to get the Android updates.  Also the map feature for android didn’t seem much different for me then what they had before it came out.

IOS I think runs everything through the itunes store if I’m not mistaken.  That last maps update for android I didn’t see on my phone, maybe it’s an automatic update.

Android is a little different then IOS

It appears that android is a little different in that their periscope updates come later.  Also android most of the sharing, and functions you have to swipe up, and with IOS it’s a left to right swipe. I haven’t used an Iphone or watched people use it with periscope, so I have seen all of the littler differences, but I’ll report that more to you later on.

It appears most of the users in the market are using android and IOS, and so many apps are built in the ecosystem on those platforms it’s hard for other operating systems on phones to penetrate the market at this point.  So much of the market share resides in IOS and android and that’s probably a good thing.  Can you imagine if periscope had to update for 10 different smartphone operating systems.

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