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Download Periscope Already

If you haven’t downloaded periscope yet, over 10 million have, so it’s time you did.  It’s clearly more then a fad, the new map feature is in place and it’s taking over.

Clear out some space on your smartphone, delete some photos and images if you have to and download the new app from . I tried to help someone today, but they had an old Samsung, so it didn’t work or support the version of periscope.

Hopefully soon most will have a newer phone that will support periscope and they can be addicted daily like so many others before them.  It’s simple and fast, so take a couple of minutes and do it, and start getting the practice on periscope.

Periscope is Easy and Don’t lose out on Months of Memories

By waiting too long to download the app you are missing out on lots of new experiences of your own and others that are happened.

Also you aren’t using on a daily basis to save them all.  You will connect with new friends and keep in touch with your current friends.  This is an app many use daily for relationship building and marketing.

Each day that goes by you are missing out on learning from the stats, headlines, how the tech tool works, and how to teach others how it works to help us make periscope even bigger then it is now.  The site takes about 1 minute to set up with twitter and it will automatically save your periscopes for you if you want, otherwise you can put #katch in the headline to have katch it.

This is just the beginning you can later have them uploaded to youtube, and use the same headlines with descriptions and keywords for SEO purposes to rank in google, bing and yahoo.

Go to to download, it’s easy

It’s easy to download and install.  Itunes for iphone IOS and google play for Android.  I had to wait until my entire phone updated before I was able to get the newest version with the map feature.  In the beginning you may find that every time someone goes live that the notifications are kind of loud, so you may want to turn off that notification, but you’ll still be able to scan the headlines whenever you want and check on twitter often.  Remember for people to watch your periscope video and content you’ll want to learn to write amazing specific headlines to reel them in.

Periscope by itself is a powerful social platform, but without improving on writing headlines you will find it harder every day to compete with all of the others of thousands joining periscope.  It’s true that you will get better with your speaking abilities in front of the camera, but unless you get better at headlines, you won’t get to even show a lot of live viewers your improved speaking abilities.

I’ve been using periscope for about 2 months now and I’m amazed at all of the people I’ve met and how much I’ve improved in the entire process due to this amazing technology tool.  It’s like looking in a mirror and you learn from it hourly or by the day.

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