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How a Self-employed business owner can buy a Minnesota contract for deed home today

Are you a Self-employed business owner?

Learn How to buy a contract for deed home in Minnesota

What I have for you today is really a contract for deed Program here for Minnesota homes where an investor would buy the home on or off market and sell to you.

Please note this program is available to those with w-2 income as well

Many of the best benefits are listed below so let’s dive right into them…

The timeline would determine on how much inventory is on the market at the time you are interested and how much money you have as a down payment.

What has got business owners so excited about this program is that there are NO banks involved.

There is a much easier qualifying process with far less paperwork and more streamlined for your benefit.

Past credit problems no problem

Because there is no bank qualifying you will find that if you have had any Past foreclosures, forebearance, notice of defaults, short sales, loan modifications, redemption periods on your credit history that that’s not a deciding factor on qualifying for a contract for deed home in Minnesota.

Verify your income

What we do need to see is verifiable income through some bank statements. Often the type of business owners, entrepreneurs, self-employed, sole proprietor types that this program has been the most popular with have been car mechanics, used car flippers, contractors, rehabbers, and even those self-employed in real estate agents, mortgage brokers and property managers.

This is because a lot of your customers pay in cash.

Bank statements

It’s helpful when you save that cash up and deposit that money as proof of funds and a down payment, but also to show veritable income.

So bank statements are an important part in the process. We would like to see that you’ve done the last couple years of your taxes to verify.

An advantage for you here over a bank is that we know as a self-employed business that you write off a lot of your income on your taxes each year.

That’s outside the box, and banks have very inside the box thinking which stops you from getting a home loan and your dream home here in Minnesota.

Property taxes and insurance

The contract for deed buyer pays for Property Taxes, and owners insurance.

Any Minnesota home listings and photos we can email you what’s available after a phone program to know that you are a good fit and qualify with decent income and a great down payment upfront.

This specific program is designed for owner occupant and you living in the property.

If you have a large dish payment and want to invest in a rental we may have an affiliate still offering the investor option, so please reach out and specify the investor option upfront when you first text me.

I want to give you my cell phone # and go over most of the math in the main contract for deed article that covers what you need to know to move forward. I’ll link you to that amazing article below shortly.

Down payment

As a general rule 10%+ down payment + a few months reserves have been the required upfront for this contract for deed program.

Due to the demand for Minnesota housing, low inventory and this rising prices, this means that there is a lot of competition out there in the 7 county and Minneapolis and St. Paul area.

So the $280,000 starter Minnesota homes, quickly became rhe $325,000 starter homes.

This means your down payment requirements change from $28,000 to $32,500 pretty quickly, and with the hot market it’s only going up. Remember also you’ll want a few monthly payments in reserve.

Because there is a line of buyers with 10%+ down in the spring of 2021, I would even recommend having 15-20% down to beat out the competition.

A lot of the time your down payment will come from selling your current Minnesota home and cashing out your home’s equity to apply as a down payment on your next home that you buy on a contract for deed.

If you have a bad credit history while selling your home this is where you are really going to appreciate the contract for deed program and not needing to qualify at a bank.

Our goal here is to be in alignment with you on down payment, income, pricing and have a great long term relationship, the balloon and amortization schedule will work out great for you and you can discuss that over the phone with the investor.

We understand that as an entrepreneur and self-employed business owner that you have a busy lifestyle and we want to see your business and cash flow grow so that you can someday even pay cash or get a refinance and move into investing into other properties for additional streams of income.

Invest into real estate into your Future for cash flow

You may dream of buying rental properties or cash flowing Airbnb properties in tropical locations someday and I’d like to connect you with the local investors doing a lot of traveling snd investing like this.

But one step at a time let’s help you get into a Minnesota contract for deed home. Just to be clear you don’t have to be self-employed to buy a contract for deed, it’s just very common from what we’ve seen.

I’m excited to see you get your very own home and dream about your future of watching the sunrise or sunset on your back deck.

You can have your very own yard and privacy.

Work remote from a great home with a great view of nature or a lake

Live near great shopping, your work or schools

Have a cozy fireplace, jacuzzi or a great kitchen to entertain friends and family with

There is no need to live in a run down rental that never gets repaired, if you want nice woodwork, beautiful colors, granite countertops an a home that you can show off to your friends get one of those homes, pick it out from the local Twin Cities market.

Have the dream and vision to get the Minnesota home that you’ve always wanted. After all you work hard as a self-employed business owner or w-2 employee and you deserve to invest into your future and enjoy a lifestyle with some peace of mind and freedom at the end of the day with a great place to relax on a comfy couch and put your feet up and listen to relaxing music or watch your favorite tv show.

Let’s not forget the amazing home cooked meals that you can make in the remodeled updated kitchen with seasonings and flavors that make your night.

Your new home is an exciting journey for you and we will be happy to take you on that journey together.

Let’s get you over to the main Minnesota contract for deed article for buying your very own home click here

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