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How to Sell my Minnesota house as-is fast cash offer

“Ron, how do I sell my home fast, as-is and get a cash offer?”

So you are driving by all these street signs nearby each day that read

We Buy Houses and you are wondering who are these guys?

You want to know if those buyers are nationwide or local here to Minneapolis, MN.

The answer is…

If they have local phone numbers they should be local to the Twin Cities.

Maybe you’ve already been online on Zillow and read some reviews of some of the other LLC companies out there and were left with no good leads.

You’ve considered selling by owner without a REALTOR ® as-is and you may even have a dated junk old home that many buyers wouldn’t even want.

You are looking for a reliable steadfast investor buyer that you can trust with experience.

The good news is that I will show you my article that goes over the entire thought process of selling your Minnesota home in just a bit…

Selling your Minnesota House Fast As-Is

So the reason that you can sell it very quickly is that the investor buyer has a lot of experience and can run the comps in the area for your house quickly online.

Because the investor is paying cash or has access to cash they don’t have to deal with the banks and all of the paperwork that goes with qualifying like a retail buyer

This is great for you and allows you a solution to get your property moved very quickly.

What’s also very important is that you can just leave the property as-is, not fix it up, not clean it, not stage the home and not take money out of your pocket which you probably don’t have right now, or money is a little tight.

Selling as-is is especially great for you when your house is dated or needs $30,000 in fixup, including skyrocketing lumber and copper due to inflation.

I want to cover with you in much lore detail what a cash offer looks like and how the break down of the math works to put money in your pocket from your equity from your house sale.

I get pretty detailed on the math and break down and your options and you are really gonna love how I go over the numbers in my full article I’ll link you to.

The extra great reason that the cash offer is so amazing for you is that buyers who get financing usually get financing if the house needs too much work and won’t pass and FHA inspection for example. So the all cash offer is looking exciting to you.

No hassle, no agents, off market, no 100 people dragging their covid feet through your home.

No staying up to 3 am going over 24 different offers that you don’t like.

The investors that I know that close fast as-is with cash have experience and can be trusted because collectively they’ve done hundreds of transactions.

Let’s get into the final paragraph before you subscribe below and get that link to the high value detailed article that explains it all…

How does the pricing and terms work when I sell my home fast as-is?

Generally speaking you are going to get 70% of ARV from an investor on a fixup home.

I’ll explain what ARV is in the next article in more detail, but what your home is worth fixed up.

The math factors in the repairs as part of the formula in the next detailed article. If you have the equity, or your property needs a ton of work the fast as-is cash offer may be your best bet, but if your home is in decent shape and you can be patient on getting your money you’ll want to check out the other option and offer type #2…

The second option is to sell for full price on favorable terms to a local investor who likes to buy this way.

The math is different and over a period of time, but you do get a lot more money for your home if it’s in better condition. This option is through seller financing or known as owner financing.

No need to google what those terms mean as I’m gonna explain to you what that time offer looks like in the longer detailed article below.

For the next detailed article grab a pen, take notes and jot down my cell phone # so that you can contact me after reading the next article. Sound good? Ok then…

Without any further waiting…

If this sounds like you, click here

“I’m ready, I’ve decided it’s time to sell my mn home as-is, fast cash offer!”

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