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Right Before You buy a Minnesota home, Rent a room short-term

If you are in the market to buy a Minnesota home very soon and don’t currently have an agent…

….And you want to rent a room temporarily month to month

Here’s what I have…

as ONE option to help you with your deadline…

it will…

Help you coordinate your timeline for buying and or selling your home…

(I know this seems like a hard thing to find on your own, but I’ll tell you how it’s possible below…)

Here’s what to do Next
read until the end, then call me and specifically mention that you are interested in this program as a unique solition to your problem

If you want to know How to Rent a room short-term before buying Your next Minnesota home

Keep reading below because we will show you.z

But first does any of this below sound like your current problem and situation?

Are you afraid of selling your home too quickly and not being able to get another one?

Are you concerned all of the competition of buyers will buy before you?

Are you afraid of being homeless?

Are you afraid of living in a hotel?

Are you afraid of your spouse and kids being displaced?

You you concerned you won’t get qualified with your current credit score?

Are you still saving up your down payment to buy?

Are you looking for more flexibility on your timeline to buy your next house?

Do you want to live in a city or neighborhood for awhile before you buy in that neighborhood?

Do you want to lower your costs for awhile, so that you can save up

Some money to buy a home?

Are you feeling stuck that you are running out of time?

Are you feeling stuck that you are running out of options?

Do you want more control on your timeline with a place to put your boxes before you own?

How to Bridge from renting to buying a Minnesota home

I have ONE amazing unique solution below

Let me have someone help you with the transition from renting a room to buying a home, and the bridge in between, on your timeline

Rent month to month until you own someday in the near future.

Because that’s what you want

This will give you time to look at photos, see houses in person and make offers on homes all while having a place to sleep safe at night while you are waiting on a closing date.

Imagine buying a new home with a remodeled kitchen

Imagine watching sunrises and sunsets from your private deck

Imagine a cozy fireplace to keep you warm

Imagine An amazing shower and tub with many jets to massage you

All of this is possible

In today’s world you need options and flexibility to not feel rushed and to have peace of mind in knowing that you are making the right decision on your next home you move into for years.

Text or call to discuss how to make this happen and rent one of the remaining rooms left in my property

If you are looking to buy very soon please text or call me and specify this program specifically in a text.

Garrett Hilton

Bridge Realty


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