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How to buy a minnesota contract for deed home with your Self-employed income today

How to buy a minnesota contract for deed home with your Self-employed income today

“Do you have great self-employed income for a 10-20% down payment for a MN contract for deed”
Do you want to to be approved to buy a mn home very soon

Here’s what I have for you…

A way to get approved without the need for a bank today….

Here’s what it will do for you

Help you avoid getting denied by a bank

Here’s what to do next

Read how this unique program can work for you today

Are you Self-employed and feeling stuck getting denied with your hard to prove income verification?

Below is a unique list of problems that may be getting you denied and keeping you from getting approved fast with a large down payment

Tired of MN Landlords rejecting your self-employed income source?

Tired of Large MN corporate-owned property Management companies rejecting your self-employed income source?

You write-off most of your self-employed income on your taxes

You have up and down months of inconsistent income especially with covid

Your Past credit history is bad

You may have Little to no credit history

You may have a Past bankruptcy

You may have a Past foreclosure

You may have a Past short sale

You may have a Past loan modification

You may have a Past late payments

As a business owner many of your customers may pay you in cash

It’s hard for your offers to compete with low inventory in a competitive market against all cash offers

You can’t pay all cash like the other offers

How to But a Minnesota Home on a Contract for Deed

One solution is to buy a Minnesota home where the Investor buys the exact home that you want

That means you choose your dream home to live in…

Many self-employed people like yourself can prove good monthly income

Here’s the bonus…

You are NOT expected to have good credit

We are looking for a 10%+ down payment as a minimum

Imagine owning an amazing remodeled kitchen

Imagine watching the sunrise and sunset from your own private deck

Imagine an amazing top of the line shower, or tub with multiple jets

Imagine a cozy fireplace in the winter to relax on

Imagine a nice large private yard

Imagine an amazing lake or private forest view outside your backyard

Imagine a large bedroom with a walk-in closet….

What if your new home could be close to everything that you’ve ever dreamed of and you could work from home every day, what a great level of freedom and peace of mind

Imagine a large garage to work on your car

Imagine being able to enjoy the sun and garden in your very own yard

Ready to qualify for your own home today…

even with self-employed income when you feel stuck with no other options…


With A big enough down payment on your next home, you can buy on a contract for deed…

-No banks

-Even with a bad credit history

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