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Sell my Minnesota home as-is fast before inventory gets high

Sell my Minnesota home as-is fast before inventory gets high

So here’s the crazy market we are in…

It’s the spring of 2021, In a covid revession and housing inventory is at record lows, lumber is skyrocketing leaving builders to stall building or have escalation pricing built into their contract and the problem is wages aren’t going up, new buyers are being proved out against cash buyers, and business owners are stuck not finding employees as they lost their incentive after getting paid for a year on unemployment.

They are making too much money with asset inflation with the latest crypto coin, half of which have offensive names, but still being in billions of dollars in market share, as they pump the unemployment money Into crypto, hodl, and create a storyline that things ONLY go up, they get fomo, wAnt to buy everything, get rich off investing momentum, um I mean momentum speculating.

Sorry that was one long thought and sentence, let me take a deep breath

Can this craziness go on forever?

Let’s go over some future scenarios…

Could it crash?

And if so, what would cause it….

I don’t know how it can without risk being priced in, and with loans eventually going bad, wages not going up, and Debt-to-Income requirements staying stable.


Low minnesota housing inventory sells quickly

Is going to cause asset inflation

And low interest rates will also cause asset inflation

Lower rates and prices keep going up

The problem is that the housing mortgage bills have to be paid monthly

And monthly and annual wages aren’t keeping up…

Right now the inventory is really low in real estate in almost every market and real estate agents have 5 to 10 pre-approved buyers in line ready to write a purchase agreement on a home.

“What about the price?”

Many are for over asking price, Try $30,000 to $60,000 over, with inspection waivers and clauses to pay cash on appraisals that come in under the price.

It’s a hot market right now and it’s a sellers market at the time of this writing because there are just many fewer homes than the demand for home buyers.

There are many theories on this, but a couple are that people are aging in place and another is that people don’t want to show their home due to the fear of covid.

So not many are listing, and because of that listed homes can get 30 offers and be sold in hours or days.

So what may happen next?….

Eventually they will remove the foreclosure and eviction moratorium

Eventually inflation forced the interest rates to go up, but then the fed has printed money to keep them down, but the printed money causes even more inflation…

Why higher rates can be bad…,

With higher rates, there will be fewer home buyers that will be able to qualify for a home loan based on today’s prices.

This will create a tighter lending environment and one where the inventory will rise, putting homes on the market for much longer…

like for months and months…

and as the homes sit they will increase the overall inventory, then the real competition comes out…

So what comes next?….

Sell your Minnesota home before the housing inventory quickly explodes….

well it doesn’t have to explode, even a 6 month supply is going to cause a downward pressure on home pricing

As the inventory rises the fewer buyers will have a lot more time to shop and get pickier.

The buyers will realize that we may be in a deflationary market and wait for the home sellers motivation to increase then wait for prices to quickly fall.

And wait, and wait and wait

As they wait to buy the dip

We’ve already seen this with GameStop stocks, Tesla, bitcoin, crypto

Once we get to this point, as investors, we have a lot more homes to choose from so we can demand the price and terms more with more negotiating leverage, especially with motivated sellers on their properties.

With today’s extra low inventory it’s hard to believe that inventory can rise.

Another reason inventory has been low as briefly mentioned above is that…

homeowners haven’t wanted to list and sell their homes because they are afraid of all of the people tracking germs in their house with covid during all of the showings.

As the economy starts to open back up, people will list their homes and prices will rise and their will be fewer multiple offer situations.

Competition of more listings, especially on vacant homes, or where homes need to be sold quickly will have to cut their prices just to even get showings.

McDonald’s and other employers have to pay people bonuses just to even show up at interviews.

When the inventory picks up my investors will he negotiating seller financing deals and a few steep cash discounted deals.

With so much property inventory, actual cash and time will be scarce so we will have to be very choosey as to which sellers to negotiate with and which homes we will be interested in.

As of right now the ideal properties as:

free and clear, freedom and clear water homes

This means homes near beaches, with great night life, lakes, rivers, oceans, high tourist locations, and very warm climates.

Not every property owner who owns these high in-demand areas will be motivated at first, but when they own the property free and clear it makes negotiating a win-win easier for my investor partners.

0% seller financing is preferred and turning then into Airbnb or doing house hacking is an ideal strategy.

So what will separate the nearly 33% to 40% of homeowners who own their properties free and clear?

Well if the location is very nice that will narrow it down who we will talk to.

The property owner should have a growing and compounding motivation to have someone take over payments and receive cash and or cash flow.

The property owner had Deferred or delayed on many things such as these below:

The property owner has deferred maintenance or delayed updating the property for decades and doesn’t have the time or money to pay or manage contractors and it’s not a property that can be listed with easy bank financing for the next buyer.

The property owner is aging and their health is taking a toll on them, and medical bills could be piling up making them go bankrupt soon.

covid-19 and any new strains has you the home owner worried that vaccinations may not be enough and you have considered assisted living or a nursing home or downsizing to a home with no steps, one-level living or living closer to your kids.

With capital gains, income taxes, moving for better tax breaks, deferred taxes, a big tax it, or depreciation recapture you’ll need to be smart about how you sell your property on terms.

Many times as the seller you get behind on property taxes and fall behind for months or years and the county in your state can take back the property from you.

Enough months, empty bedrooms, tenant damage and vacancies, you can really lose thousands of dollars fast if you don’t hurry to sell your home and let someone else manage it.

Sometimes you find yourself with a small home Loan, in foreclosure , in forebearance, or behind on mortgage payments, so you need to get out fast of your monthly payments and sell

With these eviction moratoriums and vacancies you are a burnt out landlord who seen missing thousands of dollars i. rental income and it’s caused liquidity issues and you are stressed out and need to sell your property.

Many of the property owners out there are way behind on emergency savings, retirement savings, and 401k funding, and you need an income stream from selling.

Your future of employment looks uncertain at your age and the technology world or work force has replaced your need and you aren’t making income and need to sell to get some income in.

A death in the family, siblings and probate is a reason to get that house sold for payments or equity, to just be done with that inherited house.

divorce can cause many to feel the need to force a property sale and split up the property. It’s a tough situation and will require some help selling so that everyone is happy in the transaction.

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