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Learn about your credit and down payment for your Minnesota Home Loan buying Process

Learn about Your credit and down payment for your Minnesota Home Loan buying Process

When I talk to hundreds of potential buyers on messenger I notice that many have a credit score that qualifies for a Minnesota home loan right now.

With VA and USDA being a 100% Minnesota home buying program down payment isn’t an excuse, and the at only 3.5% down payment for FHA, owning is very much in reach.

We have many people return months after after removing a few collections for the USDA home program. They may work on their credit for 90 days and bump up their score a little over 580+ to allow for more loan programs like FHA and USDA. We’ve seen VA buyers with 485 credit scores.

So as I talk to hundreds of these prospects on messenger from marketplace, my Facebook group or those who love to read the blog I notice it’s not the credit score or 100% programs holding buyers back, but their own limiting beliefs as mindset.

It’s as if they don’t believe that the economy is designed to keep growing to make Minnesota home loans very easy for the majority and within reach. Of course a job and income will be needed. Be prepared to show w-2 and bank statements when qualifying.

Find your dream home when buying in Minnesota

Your goal is to find your dream home with an amazing kitchen and place to entertain family and friends.

I’m excited to have you read more of these blog posts to continue to answer your own questions and become educated as you move towards your conversation on messenger about buying or selling a Minnesota home.

You can do creative things like buy a 4 plex and count the future rental income to help those who don’t make a lot of money annually.

There is no reason to feel stuck, simply reach out on messenger and I’ll connect you with a Minnesota mortgage person I know and they can help answer questions.

There is this cool Minnesota contract for deed program available no banks owner seller financing

I hope to hear from you soon



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