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Does your Minnesota House needs a lot of fixup sell as-is fast cash

Does your Minnesota House needs a lot of fixup sell as-is fast cash

When you have a minnesota home that hasn’t been fixed in decades, hasn’t been updated, has deferred maintenance you have a fixer.

Depending on the scope of the work, if it’s $40,000 to $50,000 you’ll have a more limited selection of buyers for a project of that size and some newer investors, new home buyers or banks may want nothing to do with the house.

If this is your house it may be a home who’s windows are 20 to 50 years old. You may have a very old home with low ceiling height with a non-conforming bedroom.

You may have a dark dingy basement that others are afraid to go down into to see.

You may have had fire damage, smoke damage, water damage, mold or other issues that were never fully resolved. Finding a buyer for these types of homes can be very challenging.

Is your roof decades old? Siding have holes or falling apart?

Drywall holes, holes in doors, window trim beat up, no fan in the bathroom, no gutters.

No parking and no garage would make it even tougher to sell. Is the attic scary to look at also?

Was the bathroom and kitchen last updated before Ronald Reagan was president?

I know investors that look at some pretty beat up homes and they know their numbers, estimates, and what they need to buy for to eliminate the risk and make a profit.

Whether they tell you or not many will even Want 50% of what the home will someday be worth for a new buyer.

The reason is the cost of repairs, labor, parts, real estate commissions, closing fees, cost of funds, holding costs, unforeseen things like behind the walls, possible mistakes, and much more.

Investors can buy at these prices because only so many have the skills and are willing to take the risk especially with a downturn in the housing market.

Often these investors buy homes with piles of clothes and garbage that need to be cleaned out and they will order 1-2 full size dumpsters.

Often these Minnesota homes smell like cat urine, mold, or garbage. They take time and patience, so believe that they will make an offer based on the work involved.

Minnesota House May need major work sell as-is fast cash

The house may need to be gutted and replace almost everything because it’s all so old. There could be a rotting deck, a foundation issue, no real landscaping, sloping floors, cracked ceilings.

If any of these items sound like your home please message me online and I could have you talk to an investor about a cash offer or possibly a terms offer.

A terms offer we would need to know about the mortgages on the home and your current payment to your lender.

Your Minnesota house could just be very old, dated, falling apart, and not something anyone should live in. The city may have condemned it.

Maybe you are a wholesaler or investor that came across this home.

I want to talk to the owner of the home and understand the full situation. I prefer houses that are not listed on the MLS.

If it has renters, or is vacant still contact me and let me know the problems and how much you owe and when you need to sell it.

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