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MN RE investors:How the Golden goose vs. golden egg works

Minnesota Real Estate Investors: How the Golden goose vs. golden egg works

As I look at how people work in the real estate business I often see how they work through the lens of Robert Kiyosaki cash flow quadrant, which is a concept from the Rich Dad Poor Dad book series.

It often reminds me of other concepts from a business cash flow to the supply and demand of a product or a service.

From the employee quadrant a work trades their hours for dollars, so it’s hard for them ever to get too far ahead as they have to wait for raises which haven’t shown to keep up with inflation, some say in 40 years.

MN Real Estate Investing Self-employed quadrant

The self-employed quadrant is usually someone in business who wears all of the hats from trying to get leads, to selling and closing the sale to servicing and fulfillment.

The business quadrant person from my own definition doesn’t reach the investor quadrant due to ebbs and flows of cash flow, hasn’t got the cost per sale price down, and is not immune to supply and demand of the price of the golden eggs in the market place.

Whatever your great product or service, others are ready to compete for less money, put in more time, and the same is true for the marketing of that product.

For example with the business process, marketing funnel, sales pipeline, CRM, service and fulfillment others are willing to hustle in put in extra hours every step of the way.

They will work in the employee, self-employee or business quadrant working in the moment to make a buck only to always compete on Facebook ads, social media followers, or driving all over town to service clients.

I think everyone should give the most value to a client as possible, but as long as people are limited on resources, time, money, etc they will be limited on the value that they can provide.

The investor looks at the underlying business as an asset, the golden goose. He/she looks to find a way to make his/her time more efficient while still giving max value.

Talking to Potential prospects or finding soft leads is easy, the true cost that’s important to the investor quadrant is ROI, Yield and cost of sale.

An investor quadrant wants to reinvest and cycle their money quickly. This is why the story of the penny doubling every day for 31 days reaches over $10 million.

The power of compounding is powerful. I believe most people get stuck in a self-employed or business quadrant because their cost of lead is too expensive, or a better way to say it, is that they didn’t build a golden goose machine that’s innovating to continuing to drive down the cost per sale. You can’t measure things based on the cost per lead because each lead type is in a different part of the cycle.

So I like the way I do the marketing with a hybrid of branding and direct response. A mix of SEO, headlines, copywriting, hashtags, social media followers to syndicate my articles.

The reason is that the traffic becomes very targeted with SEO, the SEO has a compounding effect which grows recurring traffic.

MN Real Estate Investing Social media followers

Recurring social media followers is a byproduct of recurring traffic. Recurring daily subscribers daily on social media which is free marketing organically, allows me multiple attempts at educating and selling readers on my blog until they are aligned with the goal.

It takes away the higher pressure selling because cost of sale isn’t going up by the day, and I don’t stop remarketing because someone needs some more time to understand my perspectives.

The better my explanation, copywriting and videos get on this blog the longer I get you to stay per session, on a page, or pages per visit according to google analytics, if you want to get technical.

What I know is I’m not selling you, you are selling you. I just need to give you time to get to the aligned thinking. With recurring free organic traffic and getting closer to a sale each day it works.

Also in addition I’m not thinking small numbers like paying $10 to sell a $7 ebook. I’ll just spread out the equivalent of the ebook on this blog, one reason is the copywriting gets me more SEO traffic. Direct response copywriting is far more important than content.

So I’m not going to send you to a sales page or ask for a credit card. I don’t focus on acquisition and attrition, I focus on retention and relationships long-term. If you want to work in real estate together send me a direct message on Instagram or on messenger.


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