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MN RE investors How to get Free time & freedom with your friends & family

MN Real Estate Investing How to get Free time and freedom with your friends and family

In life we look for the connected moments with friends and family whether it’s a vacation together, a walk on the beach, a concert of some of our favorite shared music, or even a fun exciting sporting event.

If you are not experiencing these enough it may be because you are busy at work, trapped behind a desk, stuck getting up by 5 am, or simply to much going on and too many errands to run.

The lifestyle of connected experiences results from having passive cash flow from real estate.

MN Real Estate Investing Cash flow

How this cash flow is achieved happens many ways from buying your own duplex or rental properties, to fixing and flipping homes to create enough money to become a hard money lender, or to buy more rentals or a big apartment building or two for cash flow.

How you choose to get there will be different than others. You may choose to get higher monthly cash flow by renting out your properties through Airbnb.

You may choose to join a real estate team that has a lot of leads for you to work.

MN Real Estate Investing Improve credit score

Before you are able to do much of these options you will want to make sure you improve your credit score by paying down your debts. You will want to improve your credit score so that you can later qualify for a home loan.

Cash flow is a matter of a mix and optimized mix of time, money and credit.

You may create the cash flow as a solo entrepreneur, but you should work with a team of experts to help you with mortgages, agents to find houses, title companies to close, or wholesalers if you choose to rehab.

I can connect and introduce you to people in Minnesota, or we can arrange to have you connected in another state to experts.

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