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These processes & daily habits are important for your real estate investing business

These processes and daily habits are important for your real estate investing business

I look at what I am doing with my online marketing for real estate and what’s working and I’d have to say consistency, optimizing processes and great daily habits is such a big part and it’s because of the compound effect.

I know by posting on 8 of the social networks daily I am getting great daily organic traffic related to real estate.

I know this by the results of now triple digit impressions and engagement on the real estate quotes and videos that are specifically my unique quotes and videos.

I’ve been producing such great results it’s got me inspired to attach some of my unique articles consistently with those engaged social media posts.

This has now worked and is starting to get me blog traffic thanks to everyone’s work of engaging and helping me reach more of my followers. This allows me to get more recurring traffic and all of the backlinks help the blog posts rank higher through SEO and get me even more recurring traffic. Being consistent here is very important.

MN real estate investors Link to other social media

So now my blog posts will be linking to my YouTube videos , Facebook, periscope and Instagram videos getting me more traffic to those social networks and keeping it in the ecosystem and increasing subscribers.

As more recurring traffic comes in, more recurring subscribers and followers come in, and then more recurring engagement for more recurring traffic for even more video views. Now I have people watching Long content and eventually I get recurring DM direct messages with questions and prospects.

But without the belief in daily habits and optimizing my processes it wouldn’t happen.

Keep going and moving forward

Ron Orr

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