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My daily real estate investing education…my audience

My daily real estate investing education…my audience

In your real estate business many of you make money from closings or commissions. You have a process from the signed purchase agreement to the successful closing day. It’s different for every business model from flipping houses to being a real estate agent.

The systems, processes, negotiations, prospects, conversations, paperwork, partnerships and daily habits are unique to what you do in real estate

Most of you are in sales in real estate on one level or another. Most are working your local market, but some want to scale on a national level.

MN real estate investors Document what you do

Discuss what you do, document what you do daily and weekly and take others on a journey so that they can understand how to work with you, Network, align themselves, add value, etc.

What most people see as competitors are some of your best opportunities for recurring income and leads if you take on a broader perspective in the real estate industry.

I know agents who can close your bad credit buyer leads nationally in about all 50 states and most don’t utilize those leads, so add value with those leads in exchange for something that adds value to you.

Maybe trading 8 bad credit leads that are 1 year away from buying with someone who was just pre-approved is a good win-win trade for you. You have assets that aren’t being utilized right now.

I know another agent who can help buyers get any house for sale out there with a contract for deed with 10% down or more and it works great for mortgage guys who have loan turn downs or want future refi business.

MN real estate investors Creative ways

Be open to working with others in real estate through creative ways and be open to new perspectives. Other people’s business models can spark new ideas for you as well.

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