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My Lifestyle from real estate investing marketing cash flow

My Lifestyle from real estate investing marketing cash flow

So your end goal is a daily lifestyle that’s designed to allow you time to connect with your friends and your family through fun connected experiences.

If you don’t have that daily right now please keep reading. Working and grinding all day in the office or on the road occasionally making a quick call to family or friends or crashing when your head hits the pillow at night doesn’t count.

If you have little control of your time and schedule or a large part of your day consists of things you have to get done, or putting out fires then keep reading

Your business needs focus, connection to the time leverage of technology and people as part of your team to help with follow up.

Gone are the days where you make a few calls down stream and wait for a few prospects or leads to fall into your lap. We are now all connected on social media so we all have access to everyone upstream.

Most people will remain stuck in the self-employed quadrant of Robert Kiyosaki cash flow quadrant.

The reasons for this are books in and of themselves and can’t be fit into this article, but generally speaking it’s because people don’t realize that marketing is most of the A-Z timeline. Most business people simply do most of their educating, sales and closing 1 on 1 too early In the process and are never able to get true time leverage.

So where have I seen people work the business and investor quadrants locally in real estate?

MN real estate investors Pipelines and CRM’s

I’ve seen agents build pipelines way upstream, utilize CRM’s, hire executive assistants, install infusionsoft platforms and get others connected. I’ve seen people hire entire phone rooms with continuous follow up processes.

maybe you are getting into real estate and don’t know how to get a mortgage, or your an agent or mortgage guy that would love to follow up on upstream leads and have the time and commitment, but if you are just someone who wants a 1003 right now or someone to go show homes to ready for a 30 day close, we’ll do does everyone else, but they’ll find less over time as I know teams, Zillow etc that create the entire ecosystem from start to finish.

So I’m open to talking, let me know how we can make it a win-win what’s your unique selling position you have to offer and let’s chat. I prefer a dm on instagram, but dm on messenger is fine also.

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DM me on instagram or messenger when you are ready to work together

Thanks Ron Orr

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