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Minnesota Real Estate Investors Compound Cashflow Effect

Minnesota Real Estate Investors Compound Cashflow Effect

The one amazing thing beyond the obvious compound effect in all areas of your life is when you focus on compounding the cashflow.

The cashflow is what allows us freedom to live a more balanced life, and while some people chase people for money and push marketing, when you concentrate on pull marketing and cashflow, you are focusing on the retention which is a better mindset anyways.  Build relationships, build long-term cashflow.

When you have the end goal of cashflow in mind and keep it on your radar and your daily focus it helps you built great daily habits and do a lot of tracking in your marketing, focusing on the right clients long-term, and helps you read a lot of data online through google analytics for example.

This can help you be more agile and use data-driven decisions.  Once you compound the cashflow in your business, you can also include yourself into the investor part of the quadrant and focus on adding passive income from real estate and get into cash on cash return.

I could connect you with some people as it relates to cash on cash return cashflowing properties.  The way this would work is if you put $20,000 down and you got $500/mo cashflow, you’d have bought yourself a near passive cashflowing stream in no time.

In just over 3 years you’d have your initial cash investment back in many cases and then you could have the additional monthly cashflow going forward.

Minnesota Real Estate Investors Concentrate on the Passive Cashflow System

With business these days there has to be alignment and focus of energy with others around you.  You have to create a strong magnet, a consistent message and headlines and re-inforce some philosophy and framework that you live by.

This makes it easier for others when they introduce you, and it’s more scalable for others to give you word of mouth even when they don’t know you personally, it comes from just reading your life philosophies.

In the long term a lot of us as friends are sitting around on a boat, going for a walk, or living the lifestyle by design by having great daily habits where we can focus our energy on the compound effect in all areas of life, and in business it will be with scaling cashflow in a business, which will allow us to have more passive cashflow income streams to have more freedom in our life.

I’ve provided a local Minnesota facebook group to be able to connect more closely with some of you into the compound cashflow lifestyle.

Minnesota Real Estate Investors Cashflow is about Retention

I notice a lot of internet marketers and MLM people are chasing people and chasing money with push marketing and cold calls.

This is about acquistion and money, and it could make money fast, but at some point it makes sense to re-invest that money into a cash on cash business model like passive cashflow in real estate and be more of a real estate investor.

You have to think of the question if you’d rather have $10,000 now or $1000/mo cashflow for a few years.  In most cases the few thousands a month makes more sense, but it depends how quickly you are growing your money.

You don’t have to think about money every single moment of every day with your headlines, but you can focus on time efficiency, systems and habits for your business which allow you to compound your time, which help you focus on scaled cashflow in your business.  This is why I concentrate on leads, conversion and more efficient fulfillment.

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