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Minnesota Real Estate Investors Begin with the end in mind Compound Effect

Minnesota Real Estate Investors Begin with the end in mind

It would seem that the when you own a business you’d want to stay focused with the end in mind.

For example you want a great product or service that people rave about and you have many advocates that do most of the marketing for you.  You are flipping the funnel.  With this mindset you go to work on a great product or service, one that people will give you repeat business on, and one that will give you recurring income and a large lifetime value of a customer.

From here, you will want to get very clear on your highest value with what you do, get your positioning in the marketplace, and stay focused on being an expert at it.  You don’t want to deal with competition and price.

You have to also work on the business vs. in the business to have full flexibility and options.

For example if you wish to make $5000 to $10,000 fairly passive income with your business while you don’t work that many hours, you will want to work on your business and get others to work in the business and build a system that you can count on with procedures, tracking and great predictable analytics and daily habits.

Unless you have a system that gives you this predictability and is tracked it’s unlikely you will ever have free time to travel, and really enjoy the creative freedom lifestyle.

By focusing on retention which can lead to recurring income and referrals this will likely get you closer to this.

Daily Habits

I find that a big part of business is systems and tracking and with that comes daily habits.  The more you stick to daily habits the more it becomes part of your subconscious which makes it more automatic, and less friction.

You want to be very clear and self-aware that your habits aren’t inefficient habits of your time.  If you have the habit of doing $8/hour type of stuff, it’s hard to pass that ceiling.

You want to think of yourself as $100/hour, $1000/hour etc and think how someone would think from that position and you are more likely to work ON your business vs. in it.

But like Maslow’s Heirchy, you’ll need to make sure the basic monthly bills are being met, or you will be taking action from a point of fear vs. abundance.

You can only solve problems with different thinking than what created them.  This is a famous quote from Einstein and it’s 100% correct.

Minnesota Real Estate Investors

Reverse Engineer

When I think of having the end in mind I think of stats, time invested, money per hour, what my perfect 24 hour day will look like, and how to work it from there.

What do ideal clients look like, how will we communicate, in person, by phone, or by email.  I want to make sure I’m not stuck in traffic, or talking to cold leads, or chasing people.  Inbound marketing of the most aligned clients is the goal.

You must have the same thinking as others, others who think big, who think time leverage, who think differently.  People who like the Emyth, 4 hour work week, cash flow quadrant, the compound effect, the slight edge and books that are aligned with the same thinking and mindset.

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