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How Minnesota Real Estate Investors Can Measure & Improve Results

How Minnesota Real Estate Investors Can Measure & Improve Results

Do you know what one of the most important subjects for any business is to measure and track results?

Keep reading because I’m about to share it with you….

Measuring and tracking daily, weekly, monthly, gives you context from split-testing to find out how to multiply and compound results.

Measuring should be a hourly or daily habit because theirs so much money to make and time to save

… and time is money…

You should NEVER be done with the mindset of learning from the data analytics and improving.

These metrics should become predictive analytics which will lead to predictable income.

That’s what you MUST have to receive passive monthly income

This data is more valuable than gold these days…

A business should have a system, of leads, lead conversion and fulfillment and great time efficiency with each part in the business.

But you wanna focus on guess which one the most?

Minnesota Real Estate Investors Conversions

Because leads and fullfilment are becoming commodities and too competitive like gig work.

Lots of technology and tools exist today to help aid in becoming more efficient.  

Many tools will get you ahead, but are so common that they don’t give you a huge competitor advantage with just the tools themselves,


often doing tracking will give you a competitive edge,

daily tracking as a habit even more so, understanding the data even more, and executing or being data-driven even more.

The title says it all!

how can you focus on growth in your company or keep improving if you are so busy in your business that you aren’t focusing on the stats, analytics or the numbers?

Let this valuable data show you that you are growing, and knowing how to allocate your money and time.

There is a lot of daily fine-tuning that you need to work on.

Read my other posts to get help with understanding the big picture and understanding that we are working on the business vs. in it, like the Emyth by Michael Gerber states

Minnesota Real Estate Investors

A/B Split Test

One of my favorite subjects

Conversion optimization with split tests

One of the absolute best uses of time every day is to do A/B split tests to turn your variables into constants and to test new variables against your ‘control’ or your best working variable or constant.

You you doing split tests daily now?


Then keep reading you don’t wanna miss out

You are always seeking to improve daily.

For example you can have a control headline which is the best working headline for conversion, profits, etc, and then you test daily or weekly against that headline to always be improving and find a better one

This has a compounding effect. I’ll talk about headlines more in other blog post articles…

There is so much opportunity to improve daily now because we have so much access to so much data in our world, online and offline.

Treat the split testing as a game and be curious and data-driven to keep improving for compounding effects.

Optimizely is a good website to do your split testing and many of the best email sites will help you with split testing your headlines (subject lines) these days.

Minnesota Real Estate Investors

Learn to master Systems, Predictive Analytics, & the Compound Effect to help you get massive positive results

One thing I focus on in my writing for businesses is to make sure they have great habits and a daily system they stick to, so that the income is somewhat stable, then once there is a good team and system, then we will focus on making sure that the daily, weekly and monthly analytics are predictable.

Once you see that the right team and habits are dependable, then you can focus on the A/B split tests and testing variables and improving with micro-gains and lifts each time.

As you do this over time you will see compounding effects and results and it just gets better and better.

We are in a world where we can measure data and be data-driven, so we must take advantage of what is possible, use a feedback loop, and continue to focus on the business from a top level view, and focus on the growth.

This is where the term growth hacking comes from, and we can also focus on the retention numbers in the business.

The compound effect of the success numbers comes from continuous A/B split tests, and lots of little wins, and over time this is done on a predictive analytics platform and system for the business.

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