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Minnesota Real Estate Investors Compound Effect Systems Thinking

Minnesota Real Estate Investors Systems Thinking

In today’s businesses, we have to think beyond a straight line and cause and effect.

We have to think beyond just sales and cash flow.  We have to think of how everything connects to each other.  Realize there is more than just linear growth, there is compound growth thanks to systems and technology.  Business that succeed are like franchises that are built on systems and predictable analytics.

Real systems can swap out the people, the system is what you depend on.  It’s a game of always working on fine-tuning your alignment and systems every day.

Fine-tuning your daily habits towards your end goal.  It’s about having the right mindset for your business as an entrepreneur.

You want to have a holistic view of what you are intending to accomplish.  You want to have % increases with different variables over time, and turn those variables into constants.

You can’t always double or triple 1 step in the system, but if you can find 100’s of variables that all can be improved 1%, this is not +1 100 times equallying 100% growth, these % are actually multiplied off each other to create momentum.

You aren’t just adding income to your business, you are MULTIPLYING parts of a system that compound daily because it goes 360 degrees round and round from lead to closing, cash flow to more leads.  It’s cash on cash return.

It’s about focus, it’s about alignment.  When you do the actual math of the compounding it multiplies very quickly.

Also as you break apart the blueprint off online and offline systems you will be able to see how many components CAN be tracked, and what can be tracked CAN be improved.


Minnesota Real Estate Investors Systems Within Systems

As we learn one system such as blogging, or SEO (Search Engine Optimization) We learn to get great at those systems, but we have to step back and get good at other systems, such as funnels, copywriting, selling, closing, cash flow, systems and much more.

Don’t get too busy working IN the business on just 1 system. Have a whole holistic view of all of the systems within the systems so that you know how to allocate your time.

For example SEO is very important, and you can spend years and years learning every detail, but I get great results simply posting great headlines on PR 10 authority domains like facebook and youtube.

I get rankings and they have call to actions to my blog.  I track my stats on my blog and I keep my content within a framework that I continue to re-enforce daily for others to read and learn from.

You still have to learn sales, adding value, keeping retention with clients, cash flow, scaling businesses.

Minnesota Real Estate Investors Systems Architecture

When you are an entrepreneur and own a business, you are the architect to the systems, and how your time is allocated.

Do you have everyone on payroll, or do you find other ways to scale your business and monetize it?  You choose which roles every person plays.  Do you have predictive analytics?

Do you have the blueprint down to track 100’s of variables and can you create daily habits that create more predictable income?

Can you find the pivot points that help you to scale up what you are doing with the right value proposition?  It helps to use a whiteboard or a mindmap to understand the big picture of how it all connects.

I look at the leads, conversions, profit margins, and frequency and am always making sure those gears are moving and how can I speed them up with momentum to help the ideas scale.

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