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Minnesota Real Estate Investors Compound Effect: 76x Business Results

Minnesota Real Estate Investors

76x Profits and Results

Compound Effect

As Perry Belcher and Ryan Deiss have taught me in their videos if you simple get 3x the leads, 3x the conversions, 3x the profit margins and 3x the frequency of payment you can 76x your results in your business.

This is a perfect math formula for those who are entrepreneurs and especially growth hacker mindsets.

When I first heard it broken down this way and explained it really sounded easy to me.  Through researching and observing further I feel that many people in business or online don’t focus on the last two very often.

They are very busy selling $20-$50 products without any recurring income, or no retention in the business strategy.  Which brings up the quote of if you don’t have recurring income you don’t have a business, or you have recurring bills, why not have recurring income.  

Let’s break this down even more… You can get 3x the leads by a few ways:
1. You can post more often on classified sites, traffic sites, or social media

2. You can have a wider funnel by posting to more websites and diversify getting traffic from lots of different places

3. You can post better headlines that get more traffic

4. You can blog and build up more SEO traffic so that you have more time leverage and it compounds

I chooose the SEO model with headlines, then I do like to post through hootsuite to 10 facebook pages, and possibly 100 facebook pages in the future.  I can also have it post to twitter and google plus if I choose to.

Pinterest and youtube videos also rank well for me.  By using hootsuite and loading my 10-50 facebook pages I am loading top keywords and capturing long tail keywords.

Facebook is a PR10 authority site so it ranks pretty effortlessly, especially for long-tail keywords.

I put an excerpt of my blog and link it to my blog for even more link juice to move my blog PR ranking up more every single day.

I am utilizing a very wide funnel approach that eventually becomes passive, which means one day I wake up and I’ve build 200, 300, or 400 hits a day coming in from google, bing and yahoo.  This is out of most people’s budget, but MORE importantly it disrupts a good cash flow.

For example even if you can afford 200 hits per day at $50 a day eventually you will run out of money before sales come in on a longer sales funnel.

Minnesota Real Estate Investors

Compound Effect Multiplied

Better Conversions come from unlimited A/B split tests.  Test headlines, test colors, test and keep learning daily.  When you multiple the lifts and improvements in % you gain from each split test the number compounds by a lot.

This creates predictable analytics and I use this compounding math online and offline with my systems.  Your profit margins may come from how you are efficient with meetings, how much you pay for lunch, gas, or meeting 3 people at a time.

How you invest or spend your time is just one way of how your profit margins are figured out.  The frequency part can be figured out from referrals and from recurring income.

When you break this down as a blueprint you can clearly see how the numbers multiply to very big numbers and each component seems easy to multiply by 3x with enough effort on the system.

Minnesota Real Estate Investors

Use this formula online and offline with systems

Not only is this multiplying compound effect formula so great, I actually have found it to work a lot offline, even though many only focus online.

For example when relationships are built, and follow up, teams and CRM‘s (Customer Relationship Management) are put in place and monetized, the retention and traction grow a lot.

This comes from many split tests because I have the traffic to keep testing and learning daily from it.  Small improvements daily make a very large difference.

We live in a world disrupted by technology these days, so it’s very important that your business strategy implement daily A/B split tests to survive in a very agile world.

The split test mentality is a very big asset for businesses going forward.

I also think conversions have a lot to do with follow up, staying top of mind, answering questions and building relationships.

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