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Minnesota Real Estate Investors Compound Effect and predictive analytics

Minnesota Real Estate Investors

Compound Effect is About Predictive Analytics

When I think of the compound effect and entrepreneurs who get use to a lifestyle with their business I think of predictive analytics and great systems that are constantly improving.  Much of today’s best systems are connected to marketing, social media and technology in some way.

The concept of marketing, sales, or relationship funnel also comes upin my mind.  It’s this idea of moving people forward in a pipeline in a very efficient and time leveraged way.

As I’ve helped companies show a 5 to 10x or more increase in parts of their business I do this with 10x certain parts of their business in the pipeline with the idea that this will flow through to parts farther into the pipeline and funnel.

People are variables, so it does take the right people with the right daily habits and a ton of follow up to make this work.  I also find people with a passion to a part inside the system, so that they are self-motivated and that’s not another added variable.

I look to take variables and turn them into constants, and with the law of averages and larger numbers I am able to get more predictive results in my analytics.

The bigger the numbers and the more you can break down the blueprint into smaller parts the more you can optimize the system to be predictable.

Minnesota Real Estate Investors

Predictive Analytics Leads to Predictive Income

One of my favorite parts of predictive analytics is that when done right, it should lead to more gross income and later higher profits.

You are increase the probability of accuracy over time.  No longer are the days to have only quarterly or annual reports as the only way to make data-driven decisions.

We are now forced to live in an agile world due to technology disruption and we must adapt quickly to what’s going on and learn from a shorter feedback loop to be able to make agile data-driven decisions.

This is why great tracking, analytics, and analytics dashboards help us to find data patterns, and pattern recognition so that we can make sure we are always adjusting in the right direction and doing something in the most efficient way possible.

Systems are always be optimized and improving daily, if not hourly or by the minute depending on the type of business you are in.

Minnesota Real Estate Investors

Predictive Analytics Comes From Improving Systems

I am always looking to improve systems for companies.  To me it’s not about punching in and punching out and just putting in the time.

It’s about more than a person DOING, it’s about the FEEDBACK and what we are looking from what they are doing.

This gets back to the Emyth mindset of working ON the business vs. IN the business.  Don’t get caught up in day to day things always pressed for time, always emotionally separate yourself from what you are doing and see it as a system, and see how it can be done cheaper, and in less time and more efficiently, so that the end result in a more flexible and predictable lifestyle.

When you study the stats, numbers and analytics you are really finding out where your bottlenecks are within the system also.

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