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The 5 Steps of Growth Hacking by Perry Belcher

The 5 Steps of Growth Hacking – Perry Belcher

This is a one of the best videos that you can watch on youtube about growing a business. Perry outlines step
by step how to use the compound affect of lead magnets and very attractive offers to gain momentum as your
leads become warmer every step of the way.

He discusses the idea of trip wires and what a difference that can make
to increase sales on the front end.

Perry is known for selling well more than $200 million worth of products online and offline.

He talks later towards the end of the video when he flips the video over about the 3 x 3 x 3 x 3 formula of 76x that I see in other videos on exponentially growing your business and it really speaks to the compound effect.

Math 3 x 3 x 3 x 3 =76x

This formula of 3 x more leads, 3 x optimized conversions, 3 x better profit margins and 3 x frequency is brilliant.

I think about this formula daily and how much I use to optimize each of the 3x parts in the formula because each lift
and improvement in the optimization compounds on the next.  If you get 3x the leads you should get 3x the conversions, but
also you have 3x the opportunity to learn to improve your conversions.  This is how you scale a company.  This becomes very
important offline and not just online.  I think this formula pairs well with the AARRR formula, which is Acquisition, Activation,
Retention, Referral and Revenue.  This can be done online and offline.  This can be done with SEO, blogs, facebook, etc.  This can
be done with a real estate agent or sales person with CRM’s, etc.

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Compound Effect Formula

When you break down the blue print of online marketing systems and offline marketing systems the math simple compounds as you learn
to optimize and improve each part of the system.

It compounds quickly also and there is often unlimited room for improvement.  If you
buy 10,000 hits for 50 cents each on the PPC search engines and send them to a page with a phone #, and only 5 people call the phone #,
there is a lot of room for improvement from getting more calls, to getting the traffic for less per click.  Most people will visit your website
and leave, but if you can capture them with an email, then you are able to bring more across the finish line with follow up.

You can follow
up with facebook, with email, or by phone with a CRM.  This is why optimizing systems is so important because it leads to predictive analytics.
Predictive analytics leads to predictive income.


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