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Periscope can create memories and experiences

One of the great things about periscope is that it can create memories for you on a daily basis.  Other friends from all over the world can login with a click, share their comments, watch you having fun, teaching or just enjoying an experience.  It’s a live experience vs. a lot of this delayed experience on facebook or maybe twitter with latency where people want too much control of the moment and to do it on their own time.  Because the replays only last 24 hours they will soon go away and many won’t share in them.  This is your chance to build a following, relationships, and friends and over many months and years you will get to share the same laughs and passion with others.  Many share facebook photos days or a weeks after it happened.  It usually is much later, but with periscope it’s a live experience, you were either there or not, even the replay isn’t the same, you can’t add comments in on the replay.  For now you can add hearts on the replays.  Periscope is so new, it’s hard to know which direction it will be pulled in based on the user experience.  I am sure the periscope team is getting daily feedback on how to improve the produce and improve the iterations.  Follow me @ronorr on  Instead of this 1 on 1 meetings with people you can have 100’s on as an audience and it’s a much more powerful experience.  I feel so blessed to be so far ahead of others with my 20 years online since 1995.  I am so happy to share a lot of what I have learned over the years.  We have all come so far with technology.  Periscope is already huge and only going to get bigger.  I look forward to how fast it’s going to grow over the months and years.

Periscope may not save memories

If you choose to let the periscope replays expire after 24 hours they may be lost forever.  This may not be a bad thing, it may get you to live in the present moment more.  You can save it onto your smartphone, but it may fill up your space on your smartphone quickly.  You can save it on a memory card, you can upload it to youtube, or email it to yourself, remove it off your phone, then upload to youtube.  IOS and Android both let you save the broadcast to your phone, I am told.  It’s up to you if you want to re-purpose your periscope content later on, on youtube, or other video websites.  I believe it’s very important to understand that a lot of what is taught these days becomes outdated or irrelevant within days, weeks and months.  Your goal is to shoot for evergreen content online.  Stick with long-tail evergreen content that will rank for years on google, youtube, and bing through SEO (Search Engine Optimization).  Save some of your better content, upload that, and have great headlines, get to the point, and have it be great evergreen content.  For me I believe in Marketing, Real Estate, Systems, and Periscope for long-term visions.  These concepts are worth investing my time and education in.  This is why I believe so strongly in teaching it as well.  This is why I like this systems philosophy so much.  When you look at the big world view of life and how to collectively help the world with good technology and systems.  With periscope we can now truly connect in real-time.  Speaking of that, I remember back when Obama was talking and running the 1st time, or was coming into office, I remember when facebook showed it on tv with real-time comments on the side faster then you could read.  I was blown away, I thought it was so cool.  It reminds me of periscope now.  As the last 7 years has gone by, I feel facebook is more latent, and it takes hours for people to respond to you.  The live commenting is what made it great.  That’s what periscope can be now.

Periscope can save broadcasts to phone and upload to youtube

Some of you want to save the videos and put them on youtube.  I a told on IOS and android you can do it with both. When you are done with the broadcast you can save it to your phone.  My phone got full on space. You can save it to your phone, email it to yourself, delete it, then upload it to youtube.  You can buy memory cards for your phone.  My phone crashes after the periscope so many timEs, it’s hard to save.  I would suggest some of your better content, and evergreen content to go through the work. i am being told there is a catch me app that saves your login and will save the recorded periscopes, but i can’t find it on google yet.  This will be a hot topic in the coming weeks and months as more people will want to save their periscope videos, especially the long ones that took a long time.  People will want to save their memories like they do on facebook with the photos and videos.


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