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Periscope with Friends

Periscope is not only a way to connect with your current friends, but a great way to make new friends.  I watched some videos today from @alexpettitt and right now I am watching @markshaw on youtube about #periscope.  I am getting so many great tips from these guys.  Mark said that he is a leading twitter person in the U.S. he said he got on 7 years ago.  His current video is about how you have not missed the boat on periscope.  He said you are right at the beginning of something amazing and I agree with what he is saying.  I am so happy that I have 27,353 followers on twitter and that I had been building it since January 2009.

Soon I will have had it for 7 years myself.  Twitter is a huge part of #periscope as it syndicates the #periscope hashtag, so that others know about it.  I am listening to Mark Shaw video on youtube right now and he is emphasizing the fact that you have to press the twitter button before you post it as a live broadcast.  Mark talks about having a niche to talk about.  I prefer to talk about #marketing #realestate #periscope #SEO #networking those are the categories that I have found to be a solid foundation to talk to people about.

I have found I have a passion for these concepts and I also am able to monetize these concepts in real life.  I also do craigslist and facebook, but I just feel that they are a big part of life now and goes without saying it’s just part of a daily life.

I have also done a lot of periscopes today about the topic of 1000 true fans and tribes audio by Seth Godin.  Google 1000 true fans, and go to youtube and search tribes by Seth Godin.  It’s just under 4 hours and it’s free on youtube right now.

I had a free download code about 5 years ago for it.  It’s really good as is anything from Seth Godin.  Follow me on periscope @ronorr

Low Latency with Periscope is the feedback loop

Someone made a comment on a periscope that I saw today about how the latency on periscope is so much shorter and less then with other social mediums.

Facebook seems like it’s taking longer, and twitter is fast, but the user interface isn’t the easiest.  The live broadcast stream with real-time comments is best on periscope for now. This is a far higher value experience for the broadcaster creating valuable content, and for those observing and watching and they are gaining from the experience from the real-time comments that should be relative.

The cause/effect timeline is just so much shorter with periscope.  For those who have been following me for a couple of years I have been talking about this feedback loop concept for a long time and the social media and internet wasn’t getting it.

Finally periscope has that.  Now we can speed up the feedback loop like Jason Silva always talks about.  I highly recommend that you follow the shots of awe channel on youtube of Jason Silva.  Now that we can get back to real conversations again with technology and through live broadcasting and periscope now we can speed up everyone’s learning cycle and learning curve including the broadcaster and understanding the needs of the market.  Do you understand that the comments from others that are inspired by Q & A, or solving problems in the market place, now this drives much of the live periscope broadcast and it has a more dynamic flow to it vs. all of this archived content from years ago.  I got a like on a comment from a post I did 3 years ago from a photo from far longer ago.  Things are constantly irrelevant, so we must constantly work on the formula of what is relevant.

Think beyond marketing and scaling out and scaling up, and think relevant.  If you don’t stay relevant, you don’t hear from the people again.

If people don’t watch you weekly or daily as a habit, and learn from you it’s hard to get to know you through a relationship and it’s hard for you to have the opportunity to meet them.


Content is Cheap, Attention is Expensive

I shared a quote that was similar to this yesterday, it was the name of one of my periscopes.  Here is the actual quote and source. “When information is cheap, attention becomes expensive.” -James Gleick, The Information: A History, a Theory, a Flood.  This is such a relevant quote in today’s world.  As the internet exponentially expands like the universe by the second, and scales out, being on the perimeter, such as the 1.2 trillion searches that google gets per year or more now, this makes SEO so important.  This is why blogging for search engine rankings for your long tail keywords is so important.

We are all now competing for attention.  It’s not only important to get the attention, you have to keep the attention.

Then eventually you hope that others will share your broadcasts by swiping right on IOS or swiping up on Android.  This will give you a chance to click the link share the broadcast, then you can click share with everyone.  This will not only help the broadcaster, but will help you get more people live right in the moment.  You can tell when others invite their following because it shows on the live broadcast.

When I tried to share a replay earlier, I didn’t see an option.  So for those of you that following me on periscope I really appreciate anyone that shares the broadcast with others.  Your friends that now use periscope can be part of your followers that keep the attention, follow your life, support you with comments, invites and more.

Everyone that follows me, whether you share or not or comment or not are appreciated.  I look forward to getting a lot more free and solid content to you all and giving away lots of value of great information.  I look forward to building up my periscope following, and as a tribe and community, it can truly benefit us all.


Thank You

Ron Orr

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