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Meerkat Periscope & Twitter

It’s interesting how Meerkat and Periscope are really competing as it relates to twitter.  Some may say that it’s no longer a competition and that twitter is blocking the social graph to meerkat so that they don’t have the same competition for the marketing on the twitter feed.

Twitter is well known for moving swift, quickly dynamically and having those with a following.  It’s not uncommon to have thousands following you on twitter.  The hashtag concept on twitter is a good idea and it’s a great way to be found in the search engines.

You can search data at as far as how often people are tweeting hashtags, categories or topics.  The last 3 hours Periscope has had 3,543 TWEETS according to  Compare that to 12,365 TWEETS by Meerkat the last 5 days.  You can see that periscope is really taking off.  #periscope has been tweeted in the past 1 hour 4,719 times.  #meerkat 3,051 TWEETS in the past 13 hours.  I can see that the hashtags are much more popular.  I just shared this link with others.  It’s fun to get that pulse on the market.  I want to see it grow to watch the adoption rate grow.  Even if the broadcasters don’t go up a lot I could see the user base go up a lot.  This does signal more then just the broadcasters is this is others sharing the live broadcast.

I was just researching stats on facebook and I feel like the live part of it is waning and it’s turning more into a get around to it app on the phone or on the desktop meaning the novelty has worn off some.  Maybe people still  use facebook daily, but just far less frequent and less often.

I think facebook is still growing, and it’s user base will, I am just wondering if it reached it’s peak on the times and duration with people daily.  Check out this, it shows me June 14th to July 14th , 52,175 tweets a day to 86,637 per day now.  Wow that is impressive.  I keep searching the link 


Meerkat hashtags vs. Twitter hashtags

I just ran lots of reports on topsy and they weren’t even close.  In fact facebook vs. periscope for just the words was far more popular, but periscope had more hashtags then facebook going on.  Facebook is a household name and periscope is still getting there.  Meerkat hashtag vs. just the word was like 3 x more I’d guess.  It’s exciting to see something take off so quickly like this concept is right now.

I ran it against the link since that goes with the #periscope and it was almost identical, which means the hashtags are coming from the automation of live broadcasts vs. the manual adding of #periscope.  I just don’t see that much new content on youtube or google about periscope, so I wonder how much competition is really blogging about periscope or meerkat.

I informed a lot of people on my facebook  Also you can follow me @ronorr on twitter I’d appreciate it.  I am blogging 25 minutes later and now it’s up to 6009 tweets in the last hour, this is really growing quickly.  

87,181 TWEETS from the last 1 day.  These are some pretty big numbers.  I predict it will soon hit 100,000 tweets in 1 day which is incredible everyone should know about it now.

I will continue to bring you the best news about periscope on my blog and I hope you get a chance to see some of my live broadcasts before the 24 hours is up.

24 hour replays, that’s it

I am giving away some great tips, and cool periscope ideas, along with blogging, SEO and more, but most of it will vanish within 24 hours forever as that’s how it works on periscope.  Now is your chance to catch what I teach on the replays or better yet live on periscope.

Learn about how I get people on live and how cool it is to converse with an audience by comments.  It’s cool to see the cultural dynamic and how quickly everything is changing.  Over 87,000 tweets in the last day, wow, still checking it, I can’t believe it

I posted on facebook I hope we hit 100,000 for the day soon.  Let’s see how big this can get.  As long as people see live people they’ll want to keep doing it.  Pretty soon people will have to comment though to make it worth the value.  There are celebrities using it like crazy and on shows like huffingtonpost, etc.  It’s a fast feedback loop like I thought it would be.

You learn faster that way.  When others ask questions it can be valuable for both parties to learn from and make it interesting for those that are on live watching and observing.  It’s so streamlined and quick compared to anything that I’ve seen.  As good as facebook and twitter are they just don’t have this experience.  “I think facebook and twitter are like a 2D experience, real life is 3D experience and periscope is like 2 1/2D experience.”



Ron Orr

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